Posted by: Bo | April 12, 2008

Saturday April 12th, 12:04

Dear brothers and sisters

We did see both heartbeats this morning! Praise God!!!
Elizabeth (the smaller one that was stuck) was moving for the first time in
a while.
Both Ellen and Elizabeths hearts are “punchy” which is good.  They never
give you definitive answers but for the first time our doctor said he was

Unfortunately, Ellen’s amniotic sac has a leak from the surgery and so Stacy
has water leaking.  they are concerned about infection for Stacy and babies.
Because of this situation, we will be in Salt Lake for a while.  The doctor
actually said we might even deliver here.  It just depends.  The babies are
“viable” in about 9 days. that is the absolute earliest they could take
them.  We hope they stay in there as long as possible.  If we do have the
babies in Salt Lake they will spend a good amount of time in the NICU.  So
again, it looks like we will be here for a while.

We appreciate all of the prayers!  We cant say that enough how great it
feels.  It has been a crazy roller coaster ride since we found out on
Tuesday.  Your prayers, messages, text, emails, etc. have been like a huge
HELP bag.  We feel so blessed.

A lot of you have asked to help and we appreciate it very much.  Both of our
parents live in KC and they are taking turns watching the kids.  Again we
are so blessed.
The grandparents are okay as far as meals go.  Feel free to visit with them
if you run into them at Church or games.  Mark and Cindy Govea and Lynn and
Mike Rimmer are their names.

We will wait on the help with meals when we get back to town whenever that
Heather Harper and Patti Brownback have offered to help set that up.

Please continue to pray for Stacy, Ellen and Elizabeth.  We are so humbled
by your love and prayers.  It is truly amazing!

If I could use a sports analogy.  We needed a last second 3-point shot to
force overtime.  That was what yesterdays surgery was.  Now we are in

Your prayers and faith in God have got us to this point.  You are all
witnessing to the power of prayer to your families.  I know there are so
many of your children praying.  Make sure you let them know that the Govea
family is so thankful for their faith as well!

We will keep you posted.

Your brother and sister in Christ


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