Posted by: Mike | April 14, 2008

Care packages

People have asked to send care packages.

Of course please feel free to send whatever you want, but I would suggest cards, pictures from kids, letters. Note of encouragement that we can hang on the wall for Stacy.
Home made stuff would be great.

We just need her to stay positive and surrounded with love in Salt Lake!


Address is:

St. Mark’s Hospital
1200 East 3900 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84124
Telephone: (801) 268-7111




  1. Hail MARY, full of grace, blessed are you among women…

  2. Bo and Stacey
    God won’t give you more than you can handle. You both will get through this challenge just like you have conquered every other challenge that life has thrown at you. The number of people listed above and across the country that our praying for you is a reflection of the deep level that you both touch people in their lives. God Bless. The Clunes are pulling for you in St. louis! We also hate KU!

  3. Bo and Stacey,
    The CRHP mens team 7 said a rosary for your family on Sunday and you are in all of our prayers every day. God will give you all the strength you need to overcome this situation.
    God Bless!

  4. Hail Mary, mother of God, blessed are you among women…care for these little hearts….now and forever…

  5. Stacy,
    Hang in there, lady, and know that this is only temporary. Soon you will look into their little faces and agree that it was all worth while. We are praying hard back home, waiting for your return.
    God bless!

  6. Hey Bo,Stacy and the Marys,

    We think of you and pray for your situation. It is hard but you are strong and with all the love beamed your way, it can only help matters. Thank goodness for all the support you have–just wish you were closer so we could visit. I’m glad the kids will be will you with you this weekend–Grandma Rimmer says they are doing pretty well but it isn’t like having Mom and Dad there every day.

    Take care and our love to you all,

    Bonnie Hines

  7. Love you guys.

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