Posted by: Bo | April 17, 2008

Thursday April 17th- Todays Ultrasound

We got a chance to meet Dr. Belfort who is Dr. Ball’s partner.  Dr. Belfort was out of town for the surgery and just returned.   We were excited to meet him and get his take on the situation.  Even more excited that he brought the ultrasound machine.

First things first.  Yes, there are two good hearts beating.  Unfortunately, it is quite evident the transfusion is still going on.  You can see that Both hearts are doing fine which is good news.  Ellen has a slightly larger than normal bladder, but nowhere near the size it was before the surgery.  Ellen actually has a good amount of amniotic fluid around her which is another good sign.  Her sac is the one that is leaking and it could be a good thing that she is producing a lot more fluid with the leak.  The Dr. said it was kind of like sticking a hose into a blow-up pool with a small leak and allowing it to continually run.  You could still have enough water to swim in.  The dr. seemed very positive about Ellen’s progress.

Elizabeth’s bladder did not show up today, and she has no measurable amniotic fluid around her.  She is still considered “stuck” because she does not have any fluid.  Even though Elizabeth has not improved much, there is still HOPE.  Dr. Belfort has seen cases where it takes a couple weeks before we start to notice the donors improvement.  At this point Ellen is still getting the lion’s share of the placenta.

It is tough to get too excited when one child is doing much better than the other, because you love them both the same.  But, based on where we were a week ago, this is really good news.  Praise God!! 

We thank you all so much for the prayers and encouragement!  Bo 





  1. Hi Stacy and Bo!
    I hope you receive pictures I have sent to you in the mail. They might lift your spirits!! I am following the girls progress every day and want you to know that we are praying for you as a family. When you go through tough times it makes you realize how blessed we are to be right here with these wonderful people at Ascension! They have blessed my family and I beyond belief and I know they are blessing you all. We are right around the corner for anything you might need. Talk to the babies. Tell them everything will be all right. They can hear you!!!!! Love, Andrea

  2. Fantastic to hear! I prayed with the pink beads again this morning and Levy was there with me as my new 2:00 AM prayer partner. God is doing amazing things! I hope you have a wonderful time with Megan, Michael, and Nicky.

    With love and prayers,

  3. Hi Stacy and Bo!!!
    The Arnold Family say prayers for you! The way is difficult but we are walking with you 1000 per cent.
    Love in name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pete, Tracy, Petey and Alexandra

  4. Bo, Stacy, and Mary’s,
    Want you to know we are following along each day. You are in our prayers. We will light a candle this evening for you. We are hoping for the best and praying that God blesses the hope.

  5. Bo & stacy- I agree talk to the girls they hear you….I’m in Houston trying to get home to Cure Agapae tomorrow evening, you know what a prayful retreat we’ll have this weekend, and be praying for you ALL….you know how powerful the CRHP chapel can be….pray for us also,….glad to know about the twin peaks….
    Hail Mary full of grace, the lord is with you….blessed are you..

  6. Bo & Stacy,
    We want you to know how much our family is praying for you! You are constantly in our thoughts. Reading your blog has brought back so many emotions. Thank you for including all of us. Stacy, I know that sometimes it feels like the roller coaster ride will never end, but know that every day you are in that bed with the girls growing inside of you is a HUGE gift from God. Know that God is with you and the girls. His strength will lift you!! Have a wonderful weekend with the kids…
    Tom, Lisa, Tommy, Megan, Mallory, Ryan and Drew

  7. Bo and Stacy,
    Dawn, Bree, Brooklyn, and I are with you in prayer. I wish you were closer so I could stop by and give you both a giant hug. I look forward to the progress report each day.

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