Posted by: Bo | April 17, 2008


Good Morning!

Stacy and I awoke this morning with a clear view of Mount Olympus from the room.  We could not see the mountain very well for the past few days because of the overcast.  Today we noticed one distinctive feature of the mountain…… it’s “twin peaks”.    I will see if there is a way to post the picture we took yesterday.  I  looked at it (the picture) this morning and you can see the twin peaks in the background.  We just noticed them!

We have not seen the dr. yet today, but we will let you know as soon  as we do.  Stacy is in good spirits  today, so far.  Breakfast arrived and she is ready to eat.  That is a good thing.  She is so excited to see her kids tonight.  Thank you so much for making that happen!  What an awesome gift! 

The hospital gave us a laptop to borrow for our room.  Yesterday was Stacy’s first time to see the blog and read all of your comments.  She was a mess reading them and then writing yesterdays post.

We might need to give her a break today.  Unfortunately, that means you have to hear from me.

Blessed in Utah



  1. Stacy and Bo
    We are prayer warriors for you.
    We are so thrilled the rest of your family will be joining you.
    Remember St Teresas prayer “May you not forget the infinite possibilities born of faith.”
    Susanne, Kent, Kent Jr and Grace Miller

  2. Hi Stacy & Bo.
    Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you & your girls.
    Peace & Love,
    Julie (Payne) Mieras & Family

  3. Bo & Stacy,
    We love you and miss you. This website is wonderful. I’m not allowing Ryan to put in a comment because he would write something stupid that didn’t make a bit of sense. Kind of like “Squirrels on a wire make teeth turn yellow and hair grow out of ears.” Regardless, we are hoping for the best and hope to come see you soon. Enjoy the kids this weekend!!!

    All our love – the Rinks

  4. Stacy and Bo,
    Thank you for your updates on the website, it is so good to hear how the two of you and the babies are doing. You are in our prayers daily and know that the rosary is also being said for you. As you know the power of prayer is miraculous! Keep your spirits up we are all here for you in prayer and when you do come home the Ascension community will rally even more around you and your family. We are all here to help in anyway we can.

    Dina Happer

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