Posted by: Bo | April 18, 2008

April 18th- Kids are here!

Hi family and friends,

The kids got here last night and what a change they have made.  I am so grateful to have them here!  Kids are great for diverting your thoughts and making you think about something else…….anything else besides the stress of the babies.  They came loaded with many thoughtful cards and prayers from their friends and teachers.  All the words of encouragement and hope really touched me.  The kids had lots of stories from their past week.  I tell you, I feel like I have been here for months.   Of course, they have loved playing with my hospital bed, the ice machine, and finding their way around the hospital.  It has also been decided that bed rest would be great and they wouldn’t mind partaking.  Michael spent the night last night and Nicky has dibs for tonight.  Apparently Bo’s pullout chair, which has kept him restless for the last week, is cool to little boys.   Bo’s dad also sent some pictures of the kids and my room is now adorned with family pictures and cards.  What a difference.  For the first time since we arrived in Utah, I feel a lifting of the clouds. 

I am feeling better and my body is getting used to this change in pace.  I know that I am not ‘made’ for bedrest (especially not bedrest in Salt Lake!) and all the medicine I have been on has taken its toll.  Slowly but surely I am starting to feel more like myself.  This, I am sure, will be good for mine and the babies’ health.  In anticipation of the kids coming, I also took a long shower and actually got ready for the day…..contacts, make-up and all.  This was good. 

We are in the middle of a scrabble game right now and we have cards and movies to entertain otherwise.  We will be on hold for any new news on the girls today and this may be a good thing.  A nice time to sit back and concentrate on our three gifts already given.  We are always thankful for each new day and its ability to ‘buy time’.    We continue to be hopeful and just wait……..

Tomorrow is 24 weeks.  We are told this is a big milestone because the girls will be “viable”.

Filled with love and gratitude,





  1. So glad to hear your older “babies” are with you! I know that makes all the difference! Soon they will be arguing and carrying on and it will feel just like home!!
    Still praying…and praying…and praying, Lenaira

  2. Hearts Courageous

    Give us ears to hear that still small voice;
    Give us lips forever willing to rejoice;
    May our eyes be lit with wisdom, may we know the path that’s true;
    And we march with hearts courageous after you.

    Then when sorrow dims the light along our way;
    Help us see each time of darkness through eyes of faith;
    A time for hope, a time for courage, knowing you will see us through;
    And we will march with hearts courageous after you.

    Marching on with hearts courageous;
    We’ll follow anywhere You want us to.
    And should you lead us where the battle rages;
    Let us march with hearts courageous after you.

  3. I agree with Billy, AMEN


  4. Stacy
    Every day they are getting stronger…keep the faith Mamma Bear
    We are praying for you
    Susanne Miller

  5. Govea’s-
    You do not know me, but I have been following your story. Your faith has touched my heart and I pray for you and the babies daily. My son was born at 25 weeks and spent 3 1/2 months in the NICU. It is such a long road and a definite roller coaster ride. Your faith will get you there and I can feel your strength.
    Best Wishes!
    Alisa Matteoni

  6. Stacy and Bo,
    We have been praying for you to make it to the 24 week mark. That is a very improtant number. May God keep the girls inside for much longer. They are girls and girls are very strong. We will keep praying for all of you. Enjoy you family.
    Michael & Anna George

  7. Hi girlfriend! I am so glad the kids are out there with you! I am sure that brings you and Bo some peace. You have been in my thoughts thru-out everyday. Those baby girls are very strong-just like their mamma!! I wish I could give you a hug. I miss you(so does Georgia!) I will call next week…..Leigh

  8. Timming is always interesting. Here is a passage from todays gospel reading.

    Jesus said to his disciples:
    “Do not let your hearts be troubled.
    You have faith in God; have faith also in me.

    We continue our prayers for your faith.

  9. Hi guys! Whatever I write just doesn’t quite convey the emotion that is behind all of the prayers coming your way from OP, KS!! We are all praying for more and more good news, strength for you guys, worry free days for you all, etc., etc. Sounds like God is listening…

    Have a great time with the kids! We look forward to your messages. Remember, whatever you need, just let us know, ok??

    Stay strong, Goveas!
    Lots of love,
    Jen and the rest of the John-sons

  10. Hi Stacey & Bo,

    I am happy to hear your children were able to come out and that you are feeling better. Keep your spirits up! The power of positive energy & faith are amazing!

    Our thoughts remain with you daily.

  11. Hi Stacey and Bo,
    I’ve been praying for you and those little girls. I don’t know if you remember me. We met through the Reiser’s we have twin girls Katie and Sophie with Cystic Fibrosis. I went on bedrest with them at 24 weeks although it was a long 9 wks for me to “keep them in” it was possible. Hang in there believe me i know how hard it is to worry about them constantly and read all of the good and bad on the internet. The only thing you can really do is relax and have faith.
    Our payers are with you,
    Liz, Steve Katie and Sophie Stecklein

  12. Thanks for your updates. It is nice to read the progress. I lit two candles for the girls at the National Shrine in Washington DC. It appears that The Virign Mary is interceeding quite nicely, but I thought another request wouldn’t hurt. We’ll keep praying for the Marys and Stacy.

  13. Good Morning Govea family-it’s about 6 am here saturday I hear there is a chapel near 95th & mission with sandals on my feet a green book in my hand and some chain of beads that once belonged to a pal of mine who has family in Indiana….and a smile on my face after seeing your twin peaks…I’m headed over there to say a prayer of thanks and praise….once someone gave me a note that said they were burning a candle for me & praying for me & my pals before they even knew our names….today there are candles lit in Overland Park and special prayers for those we know & love and those we don’t yet know…more importantly our father knows what plans he has for all of us….I regret your anguish yet thank you for inspiring me with your faith and devotion… pray for us please…hope all is well…Steve & Patti..

  14. The Merrick’s are praying for all of you and thinking about you daily. Thanks for keeping us updated with the blog!

  15. It is very exciting to make it to 24 weeks!!! I know we do not know each other very well, however, we are praying for you and know exactly what you are going through. Emma was a 27 weeker and every day that “the marys” can stay inutero is a blessing. Keep the faith! Annette Robertson

  16. Bo and Stacey-

    I just read this to Lily and Ellen and Lily said it sounds like you guys are on a fun family vacation. I know it’s not but as I read Stacey’s blog again, she definetly seems strong and the positive view you guys have is amazing. I know inside it’s hard and some days are probably better than others, but you guys are teaching all of us how to have faith in tough times!


  17. So glad the kids are there with you to make things a little more normal for a while. They must seem a world away when they are in Kansas City. But reading this blog and all of the comments make me realize what a strong community you have blessed them with and I know they are in great hands. I pray for you all the time and look forward to reading your updates. Hang in there!

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