Posted by: Bo | April 20, 2008

April 20th-It was a good day

First thing this morning they checked Stacy’s blood and it was up!  Her blood count was 21.9 yesterday which is extremely low (36 is normal) and that is why they needed to do the blood tranfusion.  Her blood count is now 28.  She has her color back as well.  It is amazing what a couple pints of blood can do for you.  And your babies.

Yesterday they did a stress test on the Marys and both of their hearts looked good!  We did not get to do an ultrasound so we are unsure about the fluid levels.  24 weeks and good heartbeats is enough good news for for one day. 

24 weeks and 1 day…………



  1. day by day…isnt that a song…”Oh, dear Lord, these things I pray see thee more cleary, follow thee more nearly love thee more dearly…day by day..” Day by day those baby girls are growing stronger…keep the faith
    We are praying for you
    Susanne and Kent miller

  2. glad to hear all of you are doing well….the blessings continue….I know Billy and Brownie were organizing some special prayers and a special song for all of you in the CRHP chapel today. May you continue to find hope and peace in our Lord’s promises….JD

  3. I am from CRHP Team 8. I have been without a computer for awhile so did not know about your problem. Just discovered it today.
    A couple of weeks ago I found the card you sent me in your letter during our retreat. It says
    “Lord Help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together can’t handle”.
    I have been saying that prayer every day and afterwards asking the Lord to bless you Stacy. I believe He enabled me to find that card when I needed to because you needed all the prayers you could get.
    Thank you for the card. May the Good Lord bring you and the twins through this in good health soon.
    YSIC Margaret

  4. We love to see that the girls hearts are strong and that Stacy is feeling better too— all results of those powerful prayers. Continue to rely on Him for your strength. We love you!
    Marty and Beth
    Mt 28:20 “I am with you always”

  5. I am so thrilled to hear the news of the Mary’s heart beatings are strong…Father, please continue to be with the Govea’s, all of them. Continue to hold them in your hand, provide for them in everyway…bless each one of them…and give them a special measure of the strength they need for each day. Amen

  6. our family’s thoughts and prayers will continue. bruce and mona

  7. Hey Brother:
    I was driving around 95th and Mission and what do you know, stumbled into a chapel today…our GOD is awesome, heard a few words around the altar for your Mary’s and thought you should know…. what do you know, found a few of your pals there as well, Jaws, Billy, Jerry and the boys… as well as some ladies in red CRHP coats….the Mary’s are well in the soul of so many here in OP Ks….. we give you our peace, our peace we give you….
    good night, pal …..

  8. Bo and Stacy,
    There is not a day that goes by where you and the girls are not in our familiy’s thoughts and prayers. We have asked the Lord to send one of his (best!) angels to be by your side and to watch over you day and night. May His Holy Spirit give you the peace, hope and comfort that your family needs right now.
    With love and blessings,
    The Kane Family

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