Posted by: Bo | April 28, 2008

Elizabeth is struggling

Please keep both of the Marys in your prayers, but especially Elizabeth right now.  Her renal functions are not working and she needs to start peeing in the next 24-48 hours.  Dr. says this is a pretty critical time.

God bless



  1. Bo & Stacy,

    Over 16,000 hits on this site, with hundreds praying. The Lord is at work using you and your children to build His Kingdom through the community of Believers that are your friends and family. Take heart, the hairs of your twins are numbered by Him and not even a sparrow falls to the ground without His notice. He is at work.

    Gregg Motley

  2. Sending our love and prayers your way.

  3. We are praying for you all
    Susanne, Kent, Grace and Kent Jr

  4. Praying and praying and praying…Lenaira

  5. Mass intentions yesterday & today. God Bless. I pray for Life & Baptism.

  6. Bo and Stacy,
    We are think and praying for all of you. We hope to hear some good news soon. Take care and stay strong.
    The Spragues

  7. who am I
    a flower quickly fading
    a wave toss’d in the ocean

    not because of who I am
    but because of what you’ve done
    not because of what I’ve done
    but because of who you are.

    still you hear me when I”m calling
    you catch me when I’m falling

    who shall I fear
    I am yours

  8. We are all praying for Elizbeth and Ellen. You both have showed such a beautiful faith and trust in God to watch over your angels. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless, The Jerry Schaefer family

  9. The Commodore’s continue to pray for all of you!

  10. Our prayers are with you and the girls.
    The Wortmans

  11. Father, we ask that you be with both Mary’s right now. Bless each cell in their bodies. Help them to function just the way you designed them to work. Especially be with Elizabeth now, allow her body to begin to function properly. Blow your breath on each of them. Give peace and comfort to Bo and Stacy. Bless them and their family in KC. Amen.


    My precious child, I love you
    This is what I’d have you know:
    As you walk each day along life’s path,
    I will never let you go.

    I know the desires of your heart;
    I hear you when you call.
    I am always there beside you;
    I will never let you fall.

    So please don’t get discouraged,
    And don’t give up the fight
    Just keep your eyes fixed on Me;
    Let Me be your guiding light.

    And in your times of trouble,
    Come, shelter ‘neath My wing,
    And I will keep you safe from harm,
    And cause your heart to sing.

    Press onward into battle;
    I have armed you with My Word
    I will always bring you safely through,
    As you wield your two-edged sword.

    So I repeat, don’t be discouraged;
    Just keep your eyes on Me,
    And I will hold you in My arms
    My precious child, just wait and see.

    Stay strong Elizabeth, continue to fight-our prayers are coming your way. We pray for both of your precious angels today. God is instilled in these beautiful girls after listening to the both of you praying each day and hearing everyones prayers on the blog. We love you and wish that there were not so many of these tough days for you. God’s watching over you and we are all praying!

  13. Stacy, Bo & Family,
    This is your cousin, Leslie, in Montana. My family and I are praying for you and your twins.

  14. Stacy, Bo and family,

    We are praying for you and your family daily, and are moved by your strength and faith. You both are an inspiration and we feel blessed to witness your love and courage. We will continue to pray for Elizabeth and Ellen. Stay strong and faithful — we know you will.

  15. As your precious Nicky has shared the darling photos of your beautiful girls, we continue to praise God for every blessing and lift them up in prayer. In fact, all of 2nd grade will be united in church to pray the rosary this afternoon.
    Love, hugs, and blessings,

  16. Continued prayers from the Flax family…we’re thinking of you all.

    Greg, Karla and family

  17. Bo and Stacy,

    Keep faith and stay strong in your TRUST for God’s plans with these precious little girls! We will continue to pray, pray, pray!

    The Miller’s

  18. Love, thoughts and prayers to you from your Minnesota friends. Welcome Ellen and Elizabeth! you have one wonderful family. We are here for you.

    xoxoxo (Jacob loves the xo’s)
    Curt, Elle, Lizzy, Jacob & Emma

  19. Dearest Mother, how helpless we feel in the presence of your children Ellen and Elizabeth. No labor of our hands, or sacrifice of our energy, can deliver them quickly to health. And yet our heart yearns to do something for these children. So we turn to you, dear mother, consoler of the afflicted and health of the sick. Show your loving protection once more, and as these children were blessed in the womb, and at birth, so intercede for them now that God may deliver their health. We continue to pray for God’s will….amen. The Harpers

  20. Congratulations on the birth of your twins! We continue to pray that they grow stronger everyday.

    The Malnars

  21. Father, send the Holy Spirit to Mary Elizabeth as she struggles in her time of need. Gather the strength of All of Us, this Body of Christ, to her, and hear these prayers we offer. Fortify her, fill her with Your love and heal her. Risen Lord Jesus, be with both these babies, comfort and protect them, wrap them in your loving embrace.

    For this we pray.

    “Be strong and let your heart take courage, All you who hope in the Lord.”

    Psalm 31:24

  22. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with you all. More importantly, Christ is right there, with those small miracles.

    “Come to me all who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest… For my yoke is easy and my burden light.” Mt. 12: 28-30

    All my prayers are for them both. May God keep them safe.

  23. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your girls. Love, Don and Dorothy , your aunt and uncle.

  24. Bo and Stacy,
    Bo it was wonderful to see you this weekend. What a blessing it was for you to be with Nicky on his special day!
    Please know that the English’s are praying for all of you!
    Tom, Lisa and the Gang!

  25. Our thoughts and prayer are with you and your family at this time. We are praying for those babies to grow stronger each day. What a blessing they are! Jeff, Elisa and family

  26. Dear, Stacy

    We hope Elizabeth gets better and Ellen grows and both of them get heathy and that they come home strong and heathy.

    From, Nicky, Joey, and Makenzie

  27. Dear,mom
    We are so glad that they can both PEE!we also are still praying for them at home.

  28. Bo, Stacy and Family

    You are in our prayers daily and we know God is with Elizabeth, Ellen and your family as you are faced with this incredible journey. The Marys will continue to gain strength from the foundation of their families’ faith.

    Prayers and love,

    John, Donna, Ryan and Lauren

  29. Mrs.and Mr. Govea

    I am praying for you and the Mary’s
    God bless you

    Mary Kate Krebs

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