Posted by: Bo | April 30, 2008

“It was HUGE”

Not only the hug I got from Dr. LaPine this morning, but the miracle that occurred last night.  The one that was made possible by all of your prayers and support. Every time you check the blog and worry about the Marys God knows what is on your heart.

Dr. LaPine came in to our room two nights ago at 3am and woke us up. He basically said, we can do all of this other stuff to help Elizabeth, but we can’t do anything to make her kidneys work. They have to on their own. They had done everything they could at that point.
Around 8:30 am that same morning things had not changed. We asked Dr. LaPine if he would allow our kids into the NICU to meet their sisters. He said that under the circumstances he would allow it.
The kids got on a plane around noon and got in town to meet the Marys last night. We took our first “family portrait”.

We tried to sleep in this morning but could not wait to get to the hospital and check on Elizabeth.
It was a long 30 hours, but what a huge Miracle. Dr. told us that Elizabeth peed 9cc’s last night and they can’t believe it, but she is turning the corner. Her swelling has gone down a lot and her head is really good shape. They are very surprised that she does not have any bleeding in her head. Another really good sign.

Ellen is off her respirator this morning and breathing on her own
She does have some stage II bleeding, but we are expecting the best.
We will send pictures of both girls later tonight.

We gotta run. Stacy is getting released from the hospital and they are taking her staples out.  We will be checking out the Ronald McDonald house today and try to get set up there for the next few months.  Thanks to all of your Marriott donations we will be staying at the Residence Inn Salt Lake Cottonwood til Saturday.


We just wanted to thank you all for the miracle that you were apart of last night. We thanked the Dr. this morning and he said dont thank me,  we didn’t do anything.  She did it on her own……

WE know how she did it. Praise God!

Photo gallery:  Ellen with bow and no breathing machine, Kids first look at their sister, Dr. LaPine with family, Elizabeth gaining on big sister





  1. Yay!!!! We are so happy for all of you. We will keep on praying and hope things continue to improve for everyone.

    Marc, Jane, Helen, Maddie, and Olivia

  2. That is amazing news–we will definitely keep praying for more progress!

    Dave, Stacey, Sophie & Jack Swearingen

  3. Praise God !!
    All the glory to our Lord who makes all things possible…
    You are so Blessed Goveas…as we all are, to have this Ascension Family for prayer and support.
    We are praying…as we know we are heard.
    Peace to your family
    Susanne , Kent , Grace and Kent jr

  4. Thank you for the update – it must be hard to keep this blog going – what a great feeling to keep refreshing and see the great news! We are so happy you are all together out there – know that all of us are praying here from St Louis, Matthew and Michael keeping your boys in their hearts, and Mary Beth feeling special hope for Mary Elizabeth, and all of us praying for your family. We are so happy you are all together. God Bless, and keep blessing…

  5. Amen!

  6. Great news! The Wilson family checks this blog multiple times a day, waiting, hoping and praying for good news. This was really good news! We are so proud of both the Mary’s for their strength and sheer will to fulfill their potential, as well as the entire Govea clan for your strength through the process. We are with you guys and continue to hope for the best. Finally….GOOD JOB ELIZABETH!!! WAY TO PEE 🙂

  7. Thank you for the fantastic news Bo!!!!

    The Adoration Chapel was full at 12:00noon, and every candle lit.

    Thanks to the Holy Spirit & God our Father for this amazing “comeback!”

    All of our love & continued prayers to the Govea family.

    John Solomon

  8. Great news. May prayers continue to carry the Marys to good health. Enjoy your time with the kids. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for them here.

  9. The Lord is kind and merciful!

  10. Thank you God!! We have been waiting and praying that this was the news that we would be receiving. Tears of joy will be running not only down my face, rather all of the family and friends that sign on today! We knew that she could do it. She has fought this far, we knew that she wouldn’t want to give up now. She is anxiously awaiting for you to hold her in your arms. We look forward to seeing your family picture. Have fun with the kids, we will be thinking of you and Praising God for all the great news that has given us today!

    Love, Lauren, Joseph, Shelby, Joey, Alan, Grant and Lillian

  11. Thank you Heavenly Father!!!!! The power of prayer is awesome!

    Sending love and prayers your way,

    Lori Rosebrough

  12. Oh my word! We have been praying so so hard for ALL of you, but especially Elizabeth and all these prayers going out to you are being heard. What a blessing! You are such an amazing family and we hope that your time together with all the kids is enjoyed. Can’t wait to see more pics!


  13. Blessed be to God! What a humbling experience to watch this miracle unfold+ We continue to lift you up in prayer, as we rejoice with hopeful hearts+

  14. Goosebumps and tears of joy. God is good.

    Love, the Pearls

  15. I have cried tears of joy! God is awesome! The power of prayer works. Tell those sweet little girls to keep up the good work!

  16. It is hard to know what to say; I am so overwhelmed by your news! I suppose “Halleluiah” would work nicely right now!! Enjoy the kids’ visit–

  17. The Lord is working in mysterious ways! Praise be to Him! This entire Ascension family is really coming together, and miracles are happening! Your family has been on my mind so much these past few days. We really enjoyed sharing First Communion with Nicky last weekend, and our thoughts and prayers were with you and your baby girls!

  18. What a wonderful blessing!! Boy do you have some tough girls!! Michael and Nikki, you better watch out when it comes time to wrestle with your sisters. My money is on the girls!!!!

    congratulations to you all. I am so happy to hear such exciting news. I’m sure the girls felt the love of their new siblings when they met for the first time and felt what a wonderful family they are now a part of. Who can blame them for fighting for it. We love you all and continue to pray for you.

    Much love,
    The Straubs

  19. What wonderful news! We are praying that the girls continue to grow stronger each day.
    Leslie, Shaun and Rylie Croaker

  20. Bo & Stacy –

    what great news! tears of joy indeed. A verse from the book of Psalm has been on my mind since their birth, “Be still and know that I am God”. What an amazing testimony! Ellen and Elizabeth, you are some strong girls!

    Megan, Michael & Nicky – it’s great you got to meet your sisters. We are thinking of you guys.

    The Swensons

  21. AMEN!

    God is so good! Sending happy thoughts and continued prayers from the Flax family!

    Greg, Karla and kids

  22. I asked my relatives, Mary Ellen Pierce and Mary Elizabeth Nuti, all the Marys I know (and others), to say a special prayer for the tiny girls with the same names as them. Praise God for your wonderful news!

  23. So happy to hear your good news and know you’re right…the power of prayer is an amazing thing! We will continue praying for Ellen and Elizabeth and all of your family daily!! The Solomons

  24. So happy to hear your good news! And you’re right..the power of prayer is an amazing thing! We will continue to pray for Ellen and Elizabeth and your entire family daily!!

    The Solomons

  25. I know that it’s just the beginning of a long journey, but what great news today. I have been so touched by your story and am continuously praying for your entire family. The nurses and doctors in the NICU are some of the most amazing people I have ever known. I will be thinking of you often and the students are praying for you too. God bless!

    Tasha Porter

  26. Thank you God, your power is mighty and amazing to watch! What incredible news. Thank you Bo for keeping us posted.
    All our love,
    The Banyas Family

  27. Your faith is HUGE and can move mountains indeed! What a witness your entire family is to all of us that check this blog (23,000 hits!). I know that Elizabeth felt her siblings there and them praying for her to lmake it along with this entire community back home. So happy the kids are out there and that you are all a family once again! Enoy the time and we can’t wait to see new pictures. The miracle continues……so glad you have included all of us in this witness of God’s power!

    Matthew 17:20-21
    For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

  28. Our rosaries and prayers will continue – in thanksgiving (we must remember to praise the Lord and never take our gift of faith for granted), for continued healing and growth for the Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen and for continued strength and faith for Stacy, Bo, Megan, Michael and Nicky.

    Finally, draw your strength from the Lord and from his mighty power. Put on the armor of God so that you may be able to stand firm…Eph. 6:10-11

  29. I anxiously wait your daily news and what great news it is today. I’ve been brought to tears and to my knees to praise God and give him thanks.

    The Gammill kids are in awe of how tiny the girls are. We love the pictures!

  30. Hey, way to go Elizabeth!!!!! Keep up the good work girls! Thank you God. You are so powerful! Tears for the good news today. Love the Oakes’.

  31. A Pray of Thanksgiving. Hang in there kidos. St. Gianna pray for the two Mary’s. I’m not sure I’ve ever prayed for pee before but I’ll continue. Amen!

  32. Thinking about you guys so much and wishing for continued progress and positive news. Thank God for the resilience of those little girls!

  33. “Thy will be done”. Not only is it our will but truly God’s will. Praise Him! We are so happy for your family that everyone is there to enjoy todays good news. Tears flowing with happiness.

  34. God is good!! Thanks Bo and Stacy for you witness and for your trust in Him and for persevering in your prayer! He is always faithful. May the girls’ progress continue.
    We love you,
    Marty and Beth and kids

  35. Joy Joy Joy !!!!!

    Dear Lord and our Blessed Mother….we are all so grateful. Thank you !!!

    Bruce, Mona, ben, Sophie and Gracie Snider

  36. Oh what a relief (yay for pee!). Your sweet little girls are amazing. I pray they continue to beat the odds. Please still feel free to ask if you need anything while in Ut.

  37. Dear Bo & Family-
    Just wanted you to know that we have been sending prayers and happy thoughts your way continuously from IMA-Wichita. Take good care and we’ll keep praying for the Marys and the entire family. Blessings to all! Stacey Faber

  38. How great is our God! Amazing. Praise the Lord.

  39. Fantastic news and an amazing testament to the power of prayer and faith that the Lord listens and answers. Enjoy the weekend with your family all there!

    The Barrs

  40. What wonderful news. I am so happy for you guys. Keep the faith as GOD is watching over you and your family. Love Kerry

  41. Oh Bo and Stacy…I can’t even find the right words to say right now. I am so overwhelmed to hear the wonderful news about Elizabeth. You are constantly in our prayers. The power of prayer is amazing and miracles do happen. Ellen and Elizabeth are proof of that!!!! God will continue to watch and bless each and every one of you.

    Jerry, Melinda, Taylor & Payton

  42. We all agree with Marc, AMEN!

  43. Elizabeth way to go girl you scared the daylights out of us…I was sharing your plight with the folks on my flight to Houston today, the whole row and the flight attendants were praying for you and your sister….
    Ellen tell your sister to take deep breaths…so she also can get off the machine…

    Father we give you thanks and praise.


  44. I’ve never been so excited about anyone PEEING in my life! You go girl…pee away!! And Ellen you breathe away!! You precious little girls are so strong because you are surrounded by so much love.
    Your mommy, daddy, big sister and brothers adore you so much and you have to stay strong and healthy so you can love them back!
    God’s miracles are truly at work here…I totally believe that!!
    Hang in there Goveas….and God bless you all!!
    Much love…

  45. Bo and Stacy- that is awsome! Keep the good news coming. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

    The Youngers

  46. …Maybe two little white First Holy Communion dresses in your future, Buddy!

    Praise God!

  47. Thanks be to God for this new, tiny, but very large, miracle! God is great, God is good.
    ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart…’ Proverbs 3:5
    Your love of Him, your trust in Him, your faith and courage…I am in awe of you, Bo and Stacy. We are praying, but you are witnesses to Him on a new level.
    Much love, many prayers…

  48. We have been praying for the girls and so I was so happy to hear the good news about Elizabeth today! I hope she continues to pee many, many wet diapers! Did you ever think you would be weighing your child’s diaper? And, awesome news on Ellen already weaned to the nasal cannula – that is a huge step in the right direction.

    The pictures are precious too. I know it must be so special to have all your kids together.

    We will be thinking good thoughts for you all….

    God is good!

    Shannon, Donnie, Saylor and Jamison Schultz

  49. It is so good to see your beautiful family all there together! The good news of today was SO great to hear!! We will keep praying for more and more days of good news! Love to all of you!!! The Days

  50. What GREAT pictures!!!!! We all feel like we have to pee just thinking about Elizabeth……WAY TO GO GIRL!!!

    Still praying…..
    The Swenson’s

    P.S. – Tuitie, Jacob and Emma say “hi” to all the Govea Kids……and you to Bo and Stacy

  51. I am awestruck by, not just one, but, multiple miracles. Your family has been truly blessed and your church family is celebrating in your treasures. May His grace and love continue to pour out over you.


  52. My heart is full for you… they are beautiful..all 5 of your children are amazing works of our Almighty God.And those little ones..looks like they favor their Mom and big sis….yeah Bo you will have your work cut out for you in High school!!!
    We are praying for you… God has chosen you.
    YSIC and YBIC
    Susanne , Kent, Grace and Kent JR

  53. Amazing Grace!!! Loved seeing your family photos with all the kids. Wish you were here in town…but you’ve got your base camp all set up in Salt Lake. Yeah to the Ronald McDonald Home. Great place to lay your weary heads and eat something other than hospital food! HA Thinking of you often.

  54. I think I’m responsible for 20,000 of the 27,000 hits…I’ll try to get it under control. Hooray for strong girls, they save the world!!

    Peeing is so cool.

    We’re thinking of you all the time – Salt Lake is almost next door from here. Just pass the word when you’re ready for warm cookies (or anything) from and old friend.

    Love you guys tons, Guinan

  55. Outstanding News!

  56. What sweet pictures-it was great to see all of your beauties together. Joey is amazed by the miracle that came of today. He thinks that God is great and Elizabeth is a true fighter. Thank you for sharing this day with us, it has taught my family and so many others how powerful prayer and faith are. I will remember this forever-I don’t think that I have ever prayed that hard. Looking forward to watching Elizabeth and Ellen get stronger. They are beautiful-you are truley blessed. Let us know if you need anything!

    Continuing to pray…

    The Brady’s

  57. Mr and Mrs Govea,

    I am praying for you and the Mary’s!
    God Bless You!

    Mary Kate Krebs

  58. What awesome pictures!!! It’s priceless to see the kids looking at their baby sister. Stacy you are an amazing woman…always smiling and so full of love. Never ending prayers to all of you but especially to Elizabeth and Ellen. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

    Love always,
    Jerry, Melinda, Taylor & Payton

  59. “..The moment we catch even a glimpse of God’s will, the moment we begin to see truth, justice, and love as the real and eternal things in life, we are no longer deeply disturbed by all the seeming evidence to the contratry that surrounds us in purely human affairs. We know that God lovingly watches over us. We know that when we turn to Him, all will be well with us, here and hereafter..” Awesome news – we are praying for all of you!

  60. Bo and Stacy:

    Psalm 115: 1

    “Not to us, but to your Name be the Glory”

    With love and prayers,


  61. Stacy, Bo, Meghan, Michael, & Nikki,

    My three year old granddaughter, Helen Watson, after hearing about your sisters, told her mother: “We need to go to the chapel (adoration) to pray for them.”

    Just keep believing in God’s will.

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