Posted by: Bo | May 1, 2008

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

They will be running tests in the morning, but for now the Marys are being quiet.  We will let the pictures speak for today…….. 

Photo gallery: Elizabeth not so swollen (starting to see her ribs), Ellen laying on her tummy, All 7 of us



  1. What a gorgeous family! We are thinking about and praying for you and your beautiful babies every day. We miss you on Ballentine Street!

    Bridget, Clayton, Kylie, Mason, Logan Hess

  2. What an absolutley beautiful family. The girls are fighters…their Govea’s (Dova’s)!

    Our prayers will continue for all of you.

    Love always,
    Jerry, Melinda, Taylor & Payton

  3. Goveas–

    Your comment, “All 7 of us”, is perfect and summarizes so nicely! I love it. The “7” is pretty appropriate and significant as well…

  4. I love your family pictures! Congratulations to you all. My best wishes to you and prayers that things continue to show positive progress.

    Bonnie Hines

  5. Serve the Lord with reverent fear, and REJOICE with trembling. Psalm 2:11

    Let us work toward complete purity because we fear God. II Corinthians 7:1

    normally we think of fear as unpleasant, another definition of fear can lead to good, ie fear of God & his complete love & justice …so in awe & respect for him, we realize he is great and mighty and holds power of life in his hands, a healthy reverent fear may help us respond to him as we should, …and draw us closer to him……in all give him thanks and praise….

    ellen & elizabeth, purity….pray for us…

  6. What a joy to see such a beautiful family…a blessed family. All 7 of you….thank you for sharing your family .
    We are praying for you
    Susanne, Kent Grace and Kent Jr

  7. And some people wonder why faith is important…but I wonder how could it not be?!?

    Someone once said, “God is good; all the time. And all the time; God is good!” So let’s all praise God, because He is still working miracles!

    You guys continue to be in my prayers!

    Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may we all learn to trust completely in the Lord, as these two little “miracles girls” are teaching us to do each day through their witness.

  8. Dear Goveas,

    I saw the pictures of your family, and now know that going to the Adoration Chapel and praying on Sunday night was a good thing to do, and I am so happy that the girls are getting better each day.

    We miss you, and are praying for you in school every day.

    Jack S.

  9. Dear Mother Mary: Thank you for Baby girls Govea. Thank you for this day. We pray for a good day tommorrow. Amen.

    You’re in our prayers and thoughts,
    Samantha, Emily, Troy, Gary, Molly

  10. Dear Govea Family,
    Thank you for allowing all of us in on this time in your lives. Know that every time someone looks at this site, a prayer is being offered up for not only your beautiful daughters but your entire family.
    Continue to be strong-
    The Brown Family
    Paul, Jacque, Sam, Max, Laurel and Julia

  11. Dear Goveas – We are thinking of you and praying for your 2 beautiful little miracles. Love – Jannell, Dave & the gang

  12. You all look so happy together, attitude is so powerful. You family is is in our thoughts and prayers!
    Stacy, Mark, Lizzie, Georgia and baby Gus.

  13. It broke my heart to read about what your entire family has been going through for the last two weeks. Know that I, like so many others, are thinking and praying for you. You have a beautiful family ….. as I read many of the posted comments it also became very clear to me that you have a wonderful and loving extended circle of family and friends as well. Again, my thoughts are with you.
    Melanie Coleman

  14. Great to see them resting peacfully 🙂 I can see the Lord has wrapped his grace around your family, I will pray he will give you strength and help the girls to grow stroger in the presence of so much love. I will also pray your older children will be patient and feel loved and gratefull to have such an honor: as compationate and couragous role models for their little “mary’s”. It is a blessed but tremendous responsibilty to comprehend and manage all the feelings they are balancing as well as mom and dad and extended family members when your still just a kid too. Hang in there all you guys need each others support. My dad and I are praying for you guys.

  15. Happy one week Birthday girls!!! If the excitement of your first week is any indication of what your life will be like, your parents better hold on! You girls are going to go far in life with your determination. Enjoy your time with your grandparents/parents and know that there is an entire community back in K.C. waiting to meet you two and welcome mom and dad home!

  16. confidential note to Bo, HAPPY May 3rd, a yr. ago, there were prayers for you….and Texas is a big state, so the prayers were big …give him thanks and praise….

  17. Love, strength, perseverance are Govea traits that will see you all through! We can’t wait to see the new family back here in Kansas City.

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