Posted by: Bo | May 12, 2008

Happy Mother’s Day

 Photo gallery:  1.) Mary Ellen 2.) A little pudgey foot 3.) Ellen opens her eyes 4.) Mary Elizabeth with the cannula 5.) Elizabeth still needing to gain some weight! 6.) Isolette covers made by the 2nd grade

What a great time to have Mother’s Day!  Just in time to reflect on the gift of children and how blessed we are to be mothers!  I was so happy to be able to go home for the day.  I am very non-commital when it comes to making decision on when to leave the girls, so Bo made it for me and booked a last minute flight.  I know that Mary Ellen and Mary Elizabeth would probably not know if I was there, but Megan, Michael, and Nicky would.  And so with a little nudging from Bo (and Dr. LaPine who said he would take good care of them) I flew to Kansas City for the day.  We kept it a secret from the kids and based on their reaction, it was a good decision.

I was so happy to be HOME and see some of my family and friends….I can’t believe it has been a month.  We were able to go to church as a family, see some friends, visit our moms, attend a soccer game (wouldn’t be a day without a sporting event), and throw in one very quick picnic.  Then I caught the 6:50 flight back to Salt Lake and got to the hospital around midnight.  Just in time to say prayers with the girls.  Not a bad day!

In the photos you will notice the isolette covers made by the 2nd graders at Ascension.  Each square contains a heart painted by the kids and holding a special letter or prayer request.  I just love it and so did all the nurses and doctors.  A special thanks to Mrs. Growney, Mrs. McDaniel, Mrs. Porter and the kids.  What a thoughtful gift!

The girls are doing really well.  Mary Ellen is now just over her birth weight…. 1 lb 9 oz.  I was talking to the nurse today and we were commenting on how ‘chubby’ she is getting.  If you can call a one pounder chubby!  But she really does have some fat in her checks and her fingers are not so boney.  Now Elizabeth on the other hand, has a little ways to go. She is still almost a 100 grams less than here birth weight.  She has been so strong and is slowly but surely making her own strides.  She got off the CPAP a few days ago and is on the cannula like her sister (each step requires less artifically produced oxygen and gets her closer to breathing on her own).  We had to deal with a little dehydration issue which took her off her feedings for a few days.  But now that that is under control, they are concentrating on getting her to gain weight.  Small baby steps for our strong little girls. 

As you can tell, I am not as good at the blog as Bo is!..  and I am not sure you really want to hear about every little thing.  So I will try to commit to posting on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We are still asking for your prayers and LOVE your comments and insight, so keep it up!  This is not over until I am holding my little girls in my arms and standing in carpool line in Overland Park! 

Love and thanks…..and mother’s day wishes,





  1. Stacy,
    Seeing the quilts on the girls’ isolettes has made my day! The kids will love to see the picture. They were so sincere with their thoughts and words on the hearts as well as the letters to you. Sometimes kids say it the best. One of my favorites was Maggie Essmyer’s that said, “Don’t worry about it. God will take care of you.” We should ALL have this attitude!

    It’s great to hear both of the Marys are doing well. Hang in there and don’t worry about it! God will take care of you! 🙂 🙂

    With love,

  2. Stacy, thanks for the pictures and happy Mothers Day to you! I’m so glad to hear you were able to come HOME and spend time with your babies. I’m sure that’s exactly what you all needed. Of course you were in our prayers, especially on Mother’s Day, and glad to hear such great news about your little ladies. Stay strong and know that God is listening to all our prayers.

    Love, the Straubs

  3. HI Stacy
    What a wonderful gift for you to come HOME for your other kids! What a journey you’ve been on…so many turns and twists! I’m looking forward to seeing you hold those baby girls too. I do love those bows they wear! What a fashion statement:-) The Holy Spirit will keep you all strong.
    Take Care in beautiful Salt Lake
    Jackie Grant

  4. Hi Stacy!
    I think you underestimate how much everyone wants to hear about “every little thing!” I am sure that I am not the only one addicted to the blog, checking it at least 100 times a day!

    I am so glad that you had a great Mother’s Day and got to spend it with the other half of your family…the pictures are beautiful and you continue to amaze me with your faith and strength! The prayers continue to go up for you at the Day house!! Love you!!


  5. The Goveas,
    Praise God. Thank you so much for keeping everyone posted. I’m glad to hear you had a good Mother’s Day! The isolette covers are beautiful and really brighten up the room 🙂
    Our family will continue prayer for the girls and your family. They are beautiful and I love the bows you put in their hair!
    Hang in there and know that many are praying for you!
    God Bless You,
    Shaun & Nicole Mustain
    Lee’s Summit, MO

  6. Stacy
    Love to see your girls growing! You are so blessed…and it figures we went to mass on Saturday night for a change and missed you !!! I am so happy your older 3 got to spend your special day with you…I am sure it meant everything to them. We are still prayer warriors for your family and thank you for keeping us informed…we love to watch the Marys progress.
    Susanne Miller and Family

  7. Glory be to the father and to the son and to mothers everywhere, on earth and in heaven…..

    Ellen & Elizabeth, pray for us….as we pray as a community…

    Stacy, THANKS so much for the notes, weekly or not, we appreciate whatever and whenever you elect to share….your call….

  8. Hi Stacy…Happy Mother’s Day!!! What beautiful pictures of your baby girls and the most precious gift of being able to go home to see your “big” kids, friends and family for a day. You are such a strong and loving person who is loved and appreciated by everyone you touch. All of you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers daily.

    Thanks so much for your updates and sharing your life with us.

    Love you all,
    Jerry, Melinda, Taylor & Payton

  9. Stacy,
    Happy Mother’s Day to you! I agree with Lenaira, I for one love reading about everything that is going on with the girls. Your family is important to so many people. The eveidence of that in the blogs and gifts is overwhelming. I am so thankful that so many loving friends and family have been with you through this time. It is wonderful to be reminded that our “Family” is more than the people we are related to. We love the pictures, the girls are beautiful!!!! We continue to pray for all of you and can’t wait for you to be back in carpool line!

  10. Stacy,

    I thought of you all day, I am so glad to hear that your Mother’s day went the way it did. I know that this gift was exciting for you, but I am sure that it brightened Megan, Michael and Nicky’s day way more! Way to go Bo!

    The girls are growing and looking great! It is wonderful to see Mary Ellen’s eyes open this time. They are too sweet! It was exciting to open up to a new posting- your crazy if you think that we don’t want to hear about your family. I love checking even if there is nothing there. It can always brighten my day, thinking of these sweet gifts that He has given us and hearing all of the love being sent your way.
    Thank you again for keeping us up to date. Thinking of you, more and more prayers…

    Love ya,

  11. Stacy,
    I love hearing every little thing. So glad to hear that you got to come home even if just for a day.
    I know your folks must have been thrilled. Take care of yourself too you will need all your strength for when you bring the girls home. Holly & Heather too, always want the lastest on your family. Our prayers are with you and your family and we look forward to seeing all of you soon.

  12. Happy Mother’s Day Stacey!! I’m so glad you were able to see the older kiddos!! My prayers are with you and the girls. Can’t wait to meet them 🙂

  13. What beautiful miracles these Marys are indeed! I can’t stop praising God for the ongoing gifts He sends from above! As I shared with my 2nd grade class and faculty on Monday, I truly feel God continues to speak to us in the simplest yet most powerful ways through your precious family.

    Here’s a brief summary: When I shared the quilt idea with Mrs. McDaniel & Mrs. Porter and the whole second grade class, they were excited as I was to share our love and prayers for all of you! Nicky even suggested the two blankets. Despite all the First Communion activities, I was determined to get these quilts and Nicky’s Mother’s Day gift shipped to you in Utah to arrive by Sunday. Of course, on Friday afternoon I knew I had failed miserably. Unable to reach your husband Friday and so upset in failing your family I called him Saturday ready to apologize to he and Nicky for not getting it done.

    Yet God spoke clearly to me through your Mark as noted in Mark 10:27 ”
    Jesus said, ” With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.”

    Bo asked if I had the gift, and I shared they were in my car ready to bring over.

    Much to my surprise (I’m sure my jaw was on the floor as I looked up to the sky), he then shared he had NOT told the kids he was flying you home for Mother’s Day that evening! WOW! Not only was I impressed with the sweet gift your husband had coordinated, but I was in complete awe of how God made the impossible happen- Nicky would get to give his mom his personal gift and the 2nd grade quilt on Mother’s Day! He is an awesome God indeed!

    That was a beautiful Mother’s Day gift I felt I enjoyed from Heaven above.

    Be assured we will keep praising God with prayers and songs in our class for all His goodness! What beautiful lessons He is letting me share…He has such detailed plans for each of us! Let go and let God!

    Proverbs 3:5
    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding.”

    Thanks for sharing those precious pictures. The children & I love to see them!

    Love & Blessings,

  14. Hi there: I have not met you or your family personally, but have heard of your trials with the pregnancy and birth of your twins through friends and through your great website. My family belongs to Ascension and we have been praying for a good outcome for your children. I am a nurse in the OB field and have witnessed many miracles in my practice and directly attribute them to God’s work for us to see, learn from and believe. I think your Marys have proven once again what God is capable of and of the amazing gifts that He alone can give us.
    What a truly inspiring and loving family you all must be and I look forward to meeting you all someday. In the meantime, take care of your girls, get a bit of rest, drink your fluids (sorry, the nurse in me is coming out!!) and we will keep on praying!!
    With love, Cindie, Jeff, Connor, Zack and Nick Luchtefeld

  15. Hearing that your girls are doing well and seeing their pictures warms our hearts. Stay well!

    Love and Prayers,
    Marc, Jane, Helen, Maddie, and Olivia

  16. Bo & Stacy: Ijust needed to write a little note to say what beautiful babies you have. Our family ,our church,and the girls I work with ask each day how they are. We thank God for the miracles each day brings with the little Marys and for his continued blessings. Please Please tell us each little thing, they are not little things to us. You and your beautiful family are in our prayers Daily. God Bless, Helen Brady

  17. It’s so good to hear the girls are getting stronger. Your whole family is in our prayers. We know God can do ALL THINGS and He is showing his mighty love and power through all of this even when we don’t understand and when we do. Stay strong and we look forward to hearing more good reports. We believe you will be coming home soon with a girl in each arm and we can’t wait!!

    Love and Prayers,
    The Shaw Family
    Dustin, Kendra, Ady, Averey and Owen

  18. Stacey
    It was so great to see you this weekend..hope you enjoyed your limes 🙂
    We are prayer warriors for you…my family is praying for your whole family. We have been blessed to be able to pay homage to our Lord by praying for you.
    Susanne Miller

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