Posted by: Bo | May 24, 2008

Birthday Wishes

photo gallery: 1.)Elizabeth and mom 2.)Elizabeth 3.) Ellen and mom 4.) Ellen

Well, yesterday was my birthday and Bo was here to celebrate.  We drove around Salt Lake and tried to take in some of the sights.  The doctors and nurses are always telling me about places I should go, so we took their advice and tried to find a few of them.  The city feels pretty small and it doesn’t seem like you have to go far to get from one end of town to the other.  We had a nice dinner and saw a movie.  Of course there were also several trips to the hosptial.  Bo had not been here for 2 weeks and he could not believe how much Ellen had grown.  She really is putting on some weight.  Elizabeth had a great week as well.  She is now IV-free. It is so nice to see them without those in their hands or heads!  Bo left late yesterday and now I am back on my own.

I woke up feeling a little melancholy.  I actually decided to have a little pity party for myself this morning.  I am sad that summer is here and I am going to miss out on all the fun that summer has to offer.  No schedules, no homework, just swimming, bicycle rides, and water fights.  I really look forward to this time with the kids.  I tried to rationalize that this was just one summer out of many, but I wasn’t buying it.  I said a rosary and asked for strength.  And guess what happened………

As soon as I walked into the NICU the nurses told me that they were going to put the girls in clean isolettes and I was going to get to hold them while they switched them out!  So one day after my birthday and one day before their one month birthday, I got to hold my girls for the first time.  I cannot express the overwhelming feelings of happiness I had as I held them in my arms.  They were so light, it was light holding empty blankets.  They did so well.  They held their body temperatures and kept breathing so that I was able to hold them for about 10 minutes.  I could actually smell them, feel their face against mine, and kiss them.  I could not stop smiling…..or crying.

Birthday blessings!



  1. Dearest Stacy:
    Sorry that I couldn’t be there with you to experience this for the first time. But under the circumstances I wouldn’t want it any other way.
    It is not a pity party to pray the Rosary and ask for strength. That is exactly where you should turn. I’m so proud of you and I say praise God for you being able to hold the Marys. The kids and I will miss you tomorrow at the K during the Family Rosary, but we know you and the girls will be with us in spirit.
    I think tomorrow most of our prayers will be in thanksgiving for “the Miracle Marys” and all of the strength our family has been given through praying the rosary.

    All my love,

  2. I hope that the babys come home soon, with stong bones.My friend Jake moved from Slt Lake City.He said it is wonderful there.I asked him if he knew what the Ronald McDonald House was he said it was in the Temple.
    Hopes and Dreams



  3. I am so happy for you!!I know you have been waiting for to hold them for a long time…what a wonderful birthday present! Just looking at the pictures, I couldn’t stop smiling or crying either!
    Love, Lenaira

  4. Stacy,
    What a wonderful birthday present to hold your sweet babies. I am so sorry you were feeling down, I can only imagine what you are going through! Don’t forget that even though I can’t be there with you, I am here praying for you just as hard as I’m praying for the girls. I know that so many others are too. By the way, you look as beautiful as ever, and Megan is gorgeous! I also want to remind you about the “dark side” of summer, when the kids are running in and out of your house making a mess every where they go. The constant, “I’m bored” to deal with! Running kids all over town to keep them entertained. Imust admit I have prayed for my own strength this week as yesterday was all four kids last day of school. Cason walked in the door from the bus and the first thing out of his mouth was, ” So mom, what are we gonna do all summer?” Now you can relax an let Bo worry about how to entertain the kids and not only can you be part of it when you can, but you will be treated like a queen while your there! What more could a mother ask for! We love watching the babies grow. The barbies are a cute idea too. Remember to take really good care of yourself too! A little pampering every now and then is a really good thing!


  5. Thanks Stacy for helping me start the weekend off on a high note! My eyes are tear-filled as well – from the moment I saw the photos of you holding the girls…I have been imagining how difficult that must be, to just look and touch once in a while, but not to hold. And then to have one more prayer answered, wow oh wow oh wow! He is good and great…and so are you!

    Hugs, Jerry

  6. Happy 1 Month Birthday to our Sweet Marys!!


    What a wonderful way to begin my morning!! Tears filled my eyes with excitement as I jumped out of the computer chair to have everyone come see the beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us! This is a moment that you have been long awaiting, but just as much all of us!
    I am so sorry that you are feeling so down. I am sure it is hard when you don’t have Bo to hold. You can have a pity party any time you want just let us know and we will all try to cheer you up. When I think of myself in your shoes, (which I can’t even imagine) I see myself on a pity party train than never ends. I saw Bo’s early morning log-in and it didn’t leave us with any less tears. You are both amazing! I hope that you can celebrate with your girls today and we will celebrate too! We will praise God for one more miracle and ask that he find small or large ways to help you get through all of this. This last one was a big one!

    Have a Happy day with your girls-pull a few of the nurses and doctors to celebrate with you today!

    We think that you are amazing!
    Love you!!
    Joseph,Lauren,Shelby,Joey,Alan,Grant & Lillian

  7. Stacy, This has got to be one of the greatest birthday gifts you have ever received. They are so precious. And yes I agree with Brandy, enjoy your summer taking care of your little angels as there will be many more summers to enjoy with ALL the children and chasing the girls around the pool!!! It seems just like yesterday with ours at the pool!!!! Have a great weekend. Love you, Kerry

  8. Stacy
    I teared up as soon as I saw you holding your girls…what a wonderful feeling for them to be in thier Mommys arms…I know how compforting it must have been for you too.Great birthday blessing! And you do deserve to allow sad feelings…makes the great ones that much better!
    We will be thinking of you tomorrow at the Rosary and saying special intentions for your Marys .
    Susanne Miller

  9. Stacy, You may know a couple fellows planted Mary roses in your yard a few weeks ago, during a tough day….well, this afternoon Mrs. & I drove by Queen Mary Park in London and saw her beautiful pink rose beds in full bloom, what a sight.
    Researching, we learned she was the only child of Henry VIII and his 1st wife Catherine and is remembered for restoring England to Roman Catholicism during her reign….. enjoy this special time with those beautiful angles..peace

  10. Hi Stacy,
    Wow, holding your girls for the first time must have been amazing! They know you are “mommy” and I am sure it tickled them as much as it tickled you to hold them. Never underestimate quietly telling them sweet nothings in their little ears while you hold them.
    I understand missing out on summer with the kids. It doesn’t seem fair but I am putting all of this in God’s hands and waiting for a victory! Have a great weekend!

  11. Dear Stacy, Happy belated birthday to you & feliz one month (almost) cumpleanos to your “Miracle Marys” ! I too feel it’s no surprise after you turned to our Blessed Mother and our Lord that he showered you with His gift of love in holding your precious girls for the first time! Wow… a special time for all of you.

    Just think, not only the Ascension community but the entire archdiocese of KC, KS & MO will be united together praying the rosary…we will continue to be one in spirit giving thanks to God for these amazing girls and lifting you all in prayer asking for His grace to renew your spirit with strength, perserverance, and joy.

    I can’t help but think of a song I just heard Everything Glorious: “You are Glorious. You make everything glorious
    And I am Yours
    What does that make me?

    My eyes are small but they have seen
    the beauty of enormous things
    Which leads me to believe
    there’s light enough to see that (chorus)

    I can just imagine as you held them how you “saw” them and they “saw” you! What joy God & all in Heaven must have felt to see you receive these gifts with tears of joy!


  12. Happy Birthday sweet Stacy — what a joy to get to hold your girls!! We all love the photos and can’t wait for the good news to continue. The Scholes are sending you lots of happy thoughts and prayers…including thoughts of fun summers ahead with all your children 🙂 LYSIC, Susan

  13. Happy Birthday, Stacy. Isn’t it amazing that when we lay our burdens at His feet and turn to Him in our time of sadness, He shows up in a BIG way to remind us of how HE is in control and He shows us just how much He cares for and loves us. I am sitting here praising your life and the lives of your precious girls. Enjoy every minute of this summer watching this miracle unfold.

    Tracy Stonecheck

  14. Amazing that you got to hold the girls on Friday. I sent Bo and Jerry an email telling them that my Mary rose bush that Jerry gave me had bloomed! The most beautiful roses and several with two blooms on one end. They bloomed way before any of my other bushes that were further along.

    Thank you for letting us share in this and being so open with your feelings. I have thought of you and Andrea when I have felt like getting frustrated with summer and the rain and thinking what to do with the kids today. I remind my self that I need to say a little prayer of thanksgiving instead of getting grumpy at the end of the long day inside.

    Thank you for the pictures and the sharing the gifts that God has given your family.

  15. Stacey,
    You continue to be an inspiration. Thanks for the updates. You’re all in my prayers.

  16. Stacy, Hallelujah!! there’s nothing like holding your babies for the first time! what a great day for you, Ellen and Elizabeth! heartfelt thoughts and prayers of strength to you as the girls continue to grow in your presence.

    Curt, Elle, Tootie, Bubba J, Emma Lillian

  17. Happy Birthday, Stacy (okay, so it’s belated at this time)! What a wonderful birthday gift to have been given!! 2 beautiful girls wrapped up, wanting to be held by their mother. (Wow, it really puts the barbeque grill we gave my dad to shame)!!

    Stacy, you have no idea how many prayers are out there for you and your family. Jacob was a part of the Rosary Crusade at the K and the flowers and the prayers were dedicated to you and your family. I know our prayers are answered because your blankets are anything but empty. They are so full of life and so strong and are blooming just as beautiful as all the Mary Rose Bushes.

    Happy Birthday, Stac.
    Love, the Straub’s

  18. Stacy, what a wonderful birthday gift! You and the girls are so beautiful!! I am so glad you were able to hold them, I am sure you didn’t want to let go! Hang in there! I can understand being sad about missing this summer here in K.C., but there will be many more summers to come!:) We miss you and continue to keep you in our daily prayers! Love, Jane

  19. Stacy
    holding the babies for the first time must of been so great. what a birthday! we all miss you here and wish the best for you and the girls. send them our love and cant wait to see you.
    love jeff, carrie, morgan, and drew

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