Posted by: Bo | June 2, 2008

The boys are back in town

photo gallery: 1.)Nicky visits his sisters 2.)Bo and Ellen 3.) Ellen looks at her daddy 4.) Ellen with mom and dad 5.) finally a kiss 6.) such little hands 7.) Elizabeth looking perky- love that bow 8.) Ellen strikes a pose 9.) can you believe they have a binky that small- Elizabeth

A little late on the post……Bo and Nicky came in town for the weekend.  We are trying to bring each of the kids by themselves so that I can have some one on one time with each of them.  We had a great time with Nicky! 

The excitement of the weekend was that Bo finally got to hold Ellen.  Of course, he had the same reaction as I did…..he cried like a baby!  You can hardly help yourself.  They are so fragile and to see their little faces up close (after so much waiting and worrying) is overwhelming.  Ellen did open her eyes for her daddy too, just to say ‘hi.’  She is now at 2 lbs. 4 oz. …you go girl!

Bo did not get to hold Elizabeth.  She had another set back this week and once again she had us really worried.  She started to tire out again and they suspected infection.  She was really pale and needed lots of help with her oxygen.  The doctor is so thorough and careful when these instances happen.  They decided to look back on all her history and see if anything stood out.  Then they ran a whole bunch of tests to rule out the serious infections.  They took blood, urine, and then fluid from her spine.  Elizabeth is such a fighter and has so much strength.  She handled all the testing so well….I was afraid it would put her over the edge.  In the meantime, they started another blood transfusion.  Within 12 hours she was perking up.  Praise God,  all her testing came back normal.  The only conclusion they can come to is that she just wears down and then has no ‘reserve’ to call up.  Occasionally, they will just have to increase her oxygen, ‘fill her up’ with blood and wait until she can gain more weight.  She is gaining though, Elizabeth is up to 1 lb. 10 oz.  I tell you what, I am having a party when BOTH my girls are at 2 pounds!

After this last incident, the doctor asked me if I had any plans to go home.  This can be so exhausting and they recommended a ‘change of scenery.’  Luckily, I am going to KC the weekend for Michael’s birthday.  It will be my longest trip home.  I kinda agree with the doctors.  I need a break and I can’t wait to see the other kids…..for longer than a day.  Maybe a few relaxing trips to the pool would do me some good. 

I don’t want everyone feeling too sorry for me.  Most days are fairly uneventful.  I spend alot of time at the hospital.  This can be fun, as you know I get to change their diapers and talk to them often.  I really like all the nurses and we have fun talking and hanging out.  I have seen a few movies when I needed to get away and I have a friend that has had me over to her house too.  I take some drives and sit outside sometimes for some fresh air.  I have also finished one book and am in the middle of another.  So you can see that most days are fairly calm, very different from my life in OP.  I do ‘lose it’ when the girls- mostly Elizabeth- have a bad day, but thank goodness that is not very often.  I continue my daily prayers with the girls, say several rosaries and just rely on His strength to get through. 

I will try to get one more post in this week but will not post on Friday since I will be home.  I hope to see some of you then. 

With love from Utah……Stacy



  1. Nothing can ever separate us from his love.
    Romans 8:38

  2. I am so glad that you had a great time with the “boys” for the weekend. What a great thing for the kids to get to come out one at a time. That will be so great for them during all of this. The pictures are beautiful…the girls have come such a long way! It is so great to see you getting to hold and take care of them. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

    Still praying and praying and praying…Lenaira

  3. What a site and praise God! I know the boys were so excited to go see you and Bo could hardly hold back his excitement to finally hold a baby versus practicing with a blanket! We will continue to pray for his time to hold Elizabeth. So glad things are well with her.

    The pictures of Bo with Ellen brought tears to my eyes. It was a HUGE surprise to see you with them but we were so hopeful to see him with a baby. We asked Megan Sat if he go to hold them and she said she thought so. Michael didn’t even ask Bo when he talked to him yesterday in case he didn’t. Thank you for posting these and letting us share in your joys and sorrows. I am sure it is hard to put yourselves out there like that, but we all thank you for the strength to do that.

    By the way, I am not sure who was more excited to have time alone- as Bo was just as excited to have twin time as you were to have time with Nicky.

    I pray for your strength daily and know that it is hard being away from everyone. Those girls are so strong and the kids are doing great here. It was so nice to see Megan and Britt Sat night. They are two strong girls and it is so good they have each other. They were laughing and smiling and having a good time babysitting of all things! God knows, you will have tons of those when the time comes.

    Have a safe trip home and enjoy your birthday(s) weekend! We love you all and Lauren loves the bows………………


  4. So happy that the girls are doing well. We look forward to the day when we read that you are all coming home. Keeping you in our prayers-
    Megan, Travis & Canon

  5. Just when you think that you couldn’t be touched more by your blog and pictures, you find a way to out do the last one. It melted our heart to see Bo finally hold one of his angels. I am glad that you both got to experience this together. I am sure that leaving was hard for him. He is going to probably be eagerly awaiting the next visit and we will pray that he will get to hold Elizabeth this time. Your sweet kiss-what is more wonderful than that?! Those are the moments that we take for granted, something that means so much and yet are so simple. Wouldn’t stop to think that I wouldn’t be able to kiss my children. Ellen’s picture is adorable with her hands by her face. She is probably working on her modeling poses.
    I hope that Elizabeth was trying to show off her bow rather then trying to take it off. We are all about the bow!
    We praise God for the wonderful doctors and nurses that are caring for Elizabeth and Ellen. We know that they are going to remember them and tell their story of “Hope” to other TTTS families.
    Hope, Prayer and God=miracles
    Have a wonderful weekend home! Kiss the girls and tell Ellen to take care of her sister while wispering to Elizabeth to breathe deep while you are gone, so you can relax this time.
    Kiss all your babies when you see them! Jealous of everyone that will get to see you this weekend!Safe travels and have fun!

    Love ya!
    Joe, Lauren, Shelby, Joey, Alan, Grant &Lillian

  6. It is truly awesome to see that Ellen can be held now! What wonderful photos of all of you with the girls. We can see how much they have grown and the great progress that they have made. We continue to pray for all of you.

    Keep the faith!
    Joan Lipp

  7. So soon as I saw your header..I started humming that song..”the boys are back in town”…truly shows my age cause its now played on the oldies station! Yikes!
    Oh, they are so cute….Ellen is getting chubby cheeks and Elizabeth is not far behind…I bet when you get back to Salt Lake after your time with the Big kids…both girls will look huge compared to when you left..
    Please, keep those rosepetals on their isolettes..I am praying to St Theresa for her prayers and intersession…she has helped me everytime..everytime…I have asked her.
    My Grace wanted me to ask you if she could stroll the girls in their stroller when they get home…she said she could ride her bike over and just go around the cul de sac…oh the beautiful heart of a 7 year old.
    Stacy ..we are praying and smile, smile , smile when we read your updates and see your girls..Thank you

  8. Stacy, sooo glad to hear the girls are doing good and that you are getting some time with the rest of your family. I agree with the doctor that the change in scenery will be great for you. wish Michael a Happy birthday for us. Have a great weekend. Love Kerry

  9. I had just heard that song ” Boys are back in town” yesterday…it definitely puts a smile on my face to see the precious moments with Nicky, Bo & the girls.

    As I’ve been reading about Mother Teresa & I recall the wonderful Global Living Rosary recently held, I continue to give thanks for the joy we see in your family- especially through the website and photos.

    As Mother Teresa observed, “Cheerfulness is indeed the fruit of the Spirit and a sign of the Kingdom within,” and she reminded us that it’s not found in the change in our circumstances of life but simply in God. It’s His love evident in your Marys, within your family and the community that continues to amaze us and share the joy of God’s endless love!

    May God continue to bless you all, and I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend back home.

    Love & blessings,

  10. Happy Birthday to Michael! And best wishes to you on his day too (birthdays are as much a mother’s celebration as a child’s). You’re all in our thoughts and prayers.

  11. Oh these photos !!! Thank you for sharing those and all the other info. It helps us to know what to pray for…….Ellen and Elizabeth reaching 2 pounds so you can have your party Stacy!

    It sounds like you have some real peace, some real down time and solitude there. It must be taxing too but we all can learn from you that the quiet and rest is good for the soul.
    We miss you here guys and when we get a quick “Govea fix” we feel real blessed cuz you are very special…..and no Stacy, we aren’t feeling sorry for you; we envy your strength, courage and perserverance. Keep clinging to your Rosary, your friend.
    You are admired and prayed for.

    “I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me.” Phil 4:13

  12. Stacy,
    So happy to see that both mom and dad have gotten to hold the babies. Have a wonderful weekend with your family and tell Michael happy birthday from the Banyas family. We will say extra prayers that everything goes smoothly with the girls while your home. We love the pictures, the girls are absolutely beautiful!

  13. It is great to see the progress and the pictures.

  14. I saw you and the family at 5 pm mass…actually Grace spotted you and asked about the Marys.You have bought out a faith in prayer in her that only experience could teach. It was wonderful to see you with the big kids…we said special prayers for the girls that they know what a loving family they have been born in to.
    Look forward to the next progress report……we are praying for great grades!

  15. Praying that the girls are progressing and working on getting home. Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you. Hope that you enjoyed your time home. Can’t wait to hear new news! Are we almost to 2 lbs?! Maybe for their 2 month party!

    Sending Love and Kisses-
    Brady Bunch

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