Posted by: Bo | June 28, 2008

Two month birthday!!

Yesterday was the girls’ two month birthday. They are weighing in at 3 lbs. 13 oz. and 2 lbs. 10 oz. Yeah!! Our cousin Lauren, lovely Lauren, sent the cutest little cupcakes to celebrate. Of course, I shared with the nurses. They do love treats! Yesterday day was kind of bittersweet though. I am excited to see their progress over the past two months but reminded just exactly how long I have been gone. I know this is all just temporary, but I really miss my OP kids, my husband, my friends, and I miss my life. Bo is struggling to keep everything at home running, along with his job. So, starting Monday he is going on FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) for the month. Not ideal, but he needs to focus on what is most important right now which is the family. We are blessed that his company has agreed and been so understanding during this situation.

The days are really starting to drag and I feel as if Elizabeth will never be ready to go….Ellen, yes…..Elizabeth, no. To makes things more exciting, Ellen, yes, ELLEN had a little set back yesterday. She was Apnic and really struggling with her breathing. This is not like her at all, so of course the doctors were concerned. Not to let Elizabeth be the only worry, Ellen had to step up. They drew blood, took urine, and spinal fluid (this is horrible to watch by the way). We are still waiting on the cultures to give the final results, but it is looking as if she either has a urinary tract infection or just an adverse reaction to the vaccines she got the day before. Today she is getting blood. Never a dull moment. I have started feeding Ellen 2-4 times a day, depending on her breathing, rather than just the once. She had a hard time figuring it out at first, but can finish a bottle easily now. She takes 30 cc of formula. I also get to hold Elizabeth once a day too. The babies definitely know it is me, as their breathing is very steady and they always fall into a comfortable sleep. I can’t wait to do this in my own HOME!

I have actually decided that I am done with this whole Utah, NICU thing and have made up my mind that it is time to go home. I am thinking of packing up the girls and hitting the road and bringing them to KC. 🙂

The nurses are really great here. They help keep my mind off of the reality of it all. There are a few I can turn to when days like yesterday come around. One took me to lunch the other day and another invited me to her church picnic this weekend. Utah really has some kind people and I have been lucky enough to know quite a few of them. They are asking me when I am going to just move here! NEVER…I want out!

There is a picnic this weekend at the hospital for past and present NICU parents. I am excited to see some of the kids that have graduated this place and hear about their first year. I have a feeling they will have stories to tell. Then I am looking forward to my next visitor. Michael will be coming on Monday. He is the last one to get some individual time in Utah and I can’t wait to see him. Then I will be heading home for the fourth of July.

God Bless all of you and thank you for the continued support and prayers


I will post more pics once I get the camera hooked up to the computer again



  1. Congrats on the big birthday!!! We all sure do miss you back here and can certianly understand you wanting to be home with ALL your family. Hopefully time will fly and and before you know it, you and the girls will be heading home. The girls are precious and we love seeing the pics of them growing. The best are the ones with you and Bo holding them! Take care and have a good 4th of July with the rest of your crew.


  2. Stacy-

    I am happy to hear that you were able to celebrate yesterday! The kids saw the pictures of the girls and loved them. They are so tiny even though they have put on some weight. We put them on the fridge-I figure that this way the girls will be prayed and thought about every minute of the day. The kids seem to be hanging out there constantly!
    It is good news to hear that you get to hold the girls each day. I am sure that the girls treasure this time with mom as much as you do! I will say a prayer that Ellen’s results come out o.k.- I am sure this is her way of getting a little attention in the blog this time around.
    I am sorry that the days are not going by as fast as they seem to be for the rest of us. I can send you a million thoughts and prayers and tell you that time is going to continue to fly by, but I know in reality that this is hard for you. Time seems to fly when you have your children, family activities and regular daily life keeping you busy-we all know that this is far from your regular activities. This time will go by and maybe not as fast as you would like, but it reality it is just a small amount of time that feels like eternity to you. The girls are under the best of care and you have all of us thinking and praying for you! Michael will be there to keep you busy, so this week will fly by! Have fun at home for the fourth-this should be some good R and R for you. Continue to stay strong! Sending you all our love and prayers…

    Joe, Lauren, Shelby, Joey, Alan, Grant and Lillian

    Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase -Martin Luther King Jr.

    (Keep the faith and let us know if there is something we can do to make things easier for you.)

  3. Happy birthday to the girls!! We were at Target today and David said, these shoes would be so cute on Ellen and Elizabeth! So when you come home, we have shoes for the girls! 🙂 We think about you all the time and you are constantly in our prayers, especially when we say the rosary! Love you all and can’t wait to hold your baby girls!
    Love, The whole Pilsl family!! 🙂

  4. Hey there, pretty mama!
    Chuck just got me connected with your website (he always told me what was happening before), so I will be a better “aunt”. God bless you for all your strength and positive outlook. It is so special that you have had the “old” critters one at a time. They will remember this time forever, and will form a wonderfully strong bond with “the Marys”.
    We are really going to miss y’all this summer. You were the fun we looked forward to. But next year we will have FUN + TWO! Maybe we can get the grandparents out, too. Make it a true family experience! Wish Gin would fly. But, we can’t teach that old dog a new trick. She can’t leave Sir Winston. I am SO glad we got him for her and Chuck. Little did we know how much he would mean to her.
    Well, pretty lady, hang in there a little longer. And if you need a shotgun rider if you “break out” and head east, just let me know!
    Love you and all of your family so much.
    Great aunt jimilue (I think)

  5. Stacy,
    STAY POSITIVE! Look how far you and the girls have come …don’t give up now. We can’t wait for you and the girls to come home and it really will be here before you know it. Your family is awesome and strong and you will all get through this. I know it is hard but trust in the Lord and His plan. You and Bo have done such an amazing job trying to juggle it all. You really should be proud of yourself….I know I am.
    Enjoy Michael this week, he is such a sweet boy (they all are) We always enjoy it when he is around. We’ll continue to shower you with prayers and know if you need anything… we there.

  6. Thanks for the post Stacy….and for sharing your feelings. While we can’t change them or fix them, we can pray for you and the girls to accept God’s plan. I was just imaging today what it will be like when you bring them home…oh my gosh – what a scene! And we’ll all be wanting to come by to see the girls and you’ll have to be the nasty nurse Nancy and tell us to leave them alone! What fun it will be. So, when you get a bit blue, just think ahead a bit and that will give you the strength to praise God for these wonderful people in Salt Lake who are caring for you and the girls….and letting you build up your strength! Work on the book – your story is so full of miracles. Hope to see you soon. Love, JD

  7. Stacy, Ellen and Elizabeth,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! How exciting! I know this seems like forever to you Stacy, but I can’t believe it has already been two months. I know you miss your family like crazy so we will just concentrate our prayers on getting you all home as quickly as possible. Have a wonderful and relaxing Fourth of July. Tell everyone the Banyas family says hello!

  8. Stacy,
    hang in there and keep reminding yourself of all that you have accomplished so far…
    I cannot imagine the up’s and down’s you have had to endure but all of this is making you stronger by the day (easy for me to say!!)
    Glad you get to look forward to coming to OP for the 4th!! Soon enough you will be taking Megan to Sion and I will be holding one of those babies!!!
    Love, Theresa

  9. Stacy,
    So far, so good. Between your mom and the twins, the Mt Rimmer clan has been very worried. You are in all of our prayers. Stacy, just one day at a time and before long you will be back home. After everything is settled, we plan to come to Kansas City for a visit.

  10. Thanks for the udpate Stacy. Glad to hear Aunt Lynn (that’s the only way I can refer to her) is recovering and that the babies are growing. We think of you often and pray that the babies continue to improve so that you can all get home and be together as a family again!

  11. Stacy
    I know this fall you will look at your girls in good old OP and see how big they are and say “I cant believe they are this big”….the days may seem long now but they will be in Mrs Jennings kindergarten before you know it!! Keep positive…I truly cannot imagine your place but I know He has given those babies to a wonderful family…and this time is small compared to the lives they will have with you. I am so excited for their size and health….
    Hang in there Stacy…We are praying for your speedy return home and Ellen and Elizabeths continued growth and health
    Susanne Miller

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