Posted by: Bo | July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!


Daddy, we wish we could be with you on your birthday.  We had a party in the NICU for you and we got these fancy party hats.  We love you and can’t wait to see you!

Happy Birthday, daddy….

Love,   Mary Ellen and Mary Elizabeth



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BO!!! Love, The Days

  2. Stacy – These photos are so ADORABLE!! It really makes us smile to see their sweet faces and to see how cute they look in their little pink outfits. Thanks for sharing Bo’s birthday with us…hope you had a great day Bo! Love to all — the Scholes Family

  3. Stacy-

    It looks like the fun is finally begining for you and the girls. Playing dress-up has always been a favorite. I miss when Megan and Shelby would dress up! The girls look like princesses! Hope that Bo had a great birthday, these pictures had to have been the best birthday gift! Enjoy the week!

    Love u,
    The Brady Bunch

  4. Dear Stacy and Family,
    I am a teacher at Notre Dame de Sion High School, and just received a note from our Admissions Office about your twins. What a beautiful story you are weaving about their progress! A friend of mine gave birth 3 months early this spring – to a little boy who weighed slightly more than one pound. He is home growing and growing! They had concerns over his eating and swallowing, and his eyes as well. Things have gone very well for little Nic, and I will pray that they go well for your little ones, too. The Blessed Mother is a mom….may she comfort and bless all of you! I look forward to meeting Megan when she comes to Sion. God bless and keep all of you. Bonnie Haghirian

  5. Happy Birthday Bo and Happy Anniversary to you both! 15 years- what an awesome accomplishment. Enjoy your time together. The girls look great!
    Take care-

  6. Happy Anniversary, Bo and Stacy, and Happy Birthday, Bo!

    The girls look great. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


  7. Mary Ellen and Mary Elizabeth-

    I had to post again after I saw that you guys made the newspaper. You both are “Stars!” You are amazing little miracles and we thank God each day for you. If God’s miracle of birth wasn’t enough, he has shown us how many more miracles he can perform. Thank you girls for showing us how precious life can be and how beautiful it is. You girls are amazing and so is your family! Can’t wait to wrap our arms around both of you and your family.I know that it will be some time before that will happen, but it is worth waiting for. Hope that you have a fun weekend with mom and dad. Have fun celebrating Dad’s birthday and thier Anniversary. Happy day to you both!


  8. Bo,
    So sorry I missed you last night and did not get to tell you how cute these precious girls are and Happy Day! Have a great trip and a wonderful time just the two of you. Soon school will have started and things will be crazy again- enjoy some time alone, together and in peace!! Next trip after this will be a blast for all of you and then hopefully the treck home will begin.

  9. Oh Wow
    God has so blessed your family! These babies are just beautiful…and they are such babies with those chubby cheeks! What a joy for you all…I get misty when I see the wonderful progress.We will continue to pray for continued health and especially for their eyes….they are beautiful.

    “Rejoice in hope,
    endure in affliction,
    persevere in prayer..”
    Romans 12:12

    Truly the words for their journey.
    Susanne Miller

  10. Bo ans Stacy,
    The girls are adorable as usual! Happy belated birthday Bo, I know this one really was happy! We are leaving for a week in St. George, we really do miss you guys.
    The Banyas Family

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