Posted by: Bo | August 12, 2008

Ellen Waves Good-bye to the NICU



Ellen waves good-bye

Ellen waves good-bye

We knew the day would finally come when Ellen would leave the NICU.  It was a little sad leaving sister for the first time, but we know they will be back together soon!

Ellen was released around 9pm last night and we took her to the hotel.  She had a good night and her monitors didnt go off too much.  It has been a long time and it still doesn’t quite seem like she is ours yet. Our plan is to bring her home on Saturday morning on a commercial flight.

As for little Elizabeth, the doctors informed us yesterday morning that she needs at least another 2-3 weeks before she is ready to leave NICU care.  We were really expecting to take her home on Saturday with her sister, but this is not looking good.  The Dr’s would be willing to release her if we could find a NICU in KC that will take her after she has been released from this NICU and traveled on a commercial flight.  That is what we will be looking for today.  At least this way our family could be back in one state.  Otherwise our plan is to get Ellen home and settled this weekend.  Stacy would then try to get all of the kids back on schedule and ready for school.  This would be a very hard decision for Stacy to leave Elizabeth here but, the kids at home need her as well.  I’m sure you moms can understand the situation.  You hate leaving the one, but when you have 4 others at home, you have to do what is best for ALL.  We know the nurses here are great and they will love on Elizabeth when Stacy can’t be here.  The Dr.s and nurses agree this would be the best way to handle considering the cirumstances.

Goal for today is to find a NICU in KC that will accept little Elizabeth for 2-3 more weeks.  And of course, enjoy Ellen now that she is finally with us!  We feel so blessed!


Bo and Stacy

Elizabeth kisses her sister good-bye

Elizabeth kisses her sister good-bye



  1. I can’t help but get a bit emotional. I feel like we are still on a roller coaster that we know is so close to ending, but has a few more turns before the end. We are so happy to see that Ellen is getting to go home YEAH Ellen!! It is breaking our hearts that they are going to be apart. We are going to say so many prayers that there is an NICU in Kansas that will take sweet Elizabeth. Any hospital would be lucky to get Elizabeth and your amazing family. Enjoy the days with Ellen, I am sure that she is going to be loved on more than ever. Give her all those kisses that she has missed from everyone and let her know that we are so proud of her! Tell Elizabeth to keep fighting we are still cheering her on. We will say our extra prayers and send you more love.

    The Brady’s

  2. Bo and Stacy, Congragtulations!!!! What great news that Ellen was released from the hospital! We know that Elizabeth will soon follow! We are so excited to meet these little miracle girls and excited to have the entire Govea family next door once again! Love and prayers to all of you! The Chapmans

  3. Congratulations on having Ellen out of the NICU.

  4. In thanksgiving for the many blessings and miracles bestowed upon Mary Ellen & Mary Elizabeth Govea and their family and for continued blessings and miracles for Andrea Husong and the other Ascension parishoners who are ill, we will pray a rosary at 11:30 am on Friday, the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, in the church at Ascension.

    It is appropriate that we give thanks and praise to our Lady for her intercessions and our Lord for His grace and mercy. We will ask for their continued support for the twins, Andrea and others in need of our prayers. Please join us for this special time on this special day.

  5. I know that you are so overwhelmed with excitement at this huge milestone that is passing! After such a long summer, you are finally going to get to bring Ellen home! I also know that it must be so heartbreaking to think of leaving Elizabeth, but I know you are doing the right thing. All the kids need their mom right now, and it is hard to choose, but you know that Elizabeth is in great hands. She will be home before you know it as well. We will be anxiously awaiting and praying for that day to come quickly! Welove you all! The Days

  6. Bo and Stacy –

    What a great day for your family. I hope you find something here in KC for Elizabeth, but if not you know that God will watch over her as he has done from day 1. I understand how important it is to be with your kiddos here too and I’m sure they will be glad to have you back as they get into their school routine.
    God is so good!
    The Flax’s…

  7. What blessed miracles you have!!! Your faithfullness has been rewarded. I’m so excited for you that your family will finally be together back home in KC soon!

    I’m an RN in the NICU at Saint Luke’s Hospital on the Plaza. You should really contact them about a transfer. 816-932-2007 is the main line to the NICU, & they will transfer you to the neonatologist. I know our census is not very high right now, but your insurance will probably be what determines where you will be able to transfer Elizabeth. There is also Overland Park Regional & Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

    Sherry (Erik’s sister-in-law)

  8. Congratulations! I know it is so hard to leave one precious miracle at the hospital, but she will be just fine. It was not long ago I left one of my twins at the hospital and took one home. It’s bittersweet, but it helped us ease into getting used to one before we had two. 🙂 I consider it all God’s plan…Hang in there. It won’t be long and all of the Goveas will be at home together. You’re in my prayers.

  9. Congratulations! We’re so happy to hear that Ellen was released from the hospital. You must all have such mixed emotions though. We’ll keep praying for all of you–and especially for Elizabeth. We know she’ll be able to go home with you soon too.

    the Matsoff family

  10. Bo and Stacy,
    I am so happy that Ellen has finally gotten to come home! I’m just sorry that Elizabeth couldn’t go too. The picture of Ellen kissing Elizabeth goodbye is heart breaking, but I know that you will all be together very soon. I sent Madeline off to high school on Monday, what an emotional day for both of us! There are definately times in a girls life when they just need their mom. I can totally understand your wanting to be home to send the kids off to school. I hope that things won’t get to crazy before you have all had time to enjoy each other and the new baby!!! You know that I know from experience that bringing home a baby into a house with older kids is quite an experience. It was so wonderful to watch how each one bonded with Michael in their own specail way. He really brought something specail to each one of us. I know that Ellen and Elizabeth are already a blessing but just wait, you guys are in for a real treat!!!
    The Banyas Family

  11. I am so happy for all of you . Elizabeth will be well taken care of and the time will fly by and she will be home before you know it. Something kind of funny I just realized the other day about the girls, their initials are MEG how cute. The boys went back to school on Monday, Zack is loving being in middle school so far. He likes being with Jarred and his friends!!! Congratulations and we as always are praying and thinking of you. Love Kerry

  12. I was so glad to hear that you all are going home!
    It will be such a relief to be in your own home again with all of your family after this long haul. Soon you will begin to really experience the joy of having twins. They are a lot of work, especially with three older children, but it is an experience that I would never trade. The Malnars

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