Posted by: Bo | August 13, 2008

Angel Flight

It has been a long two days.  Delta is not going to allow us to fly Ellen home on their plane to KC.  They returned our money and tickets that we were planning on using Saturday. Apparently this is the first time they have had this issue here at St. Marks with a family and Micro-preemies getting stranded and we are not really sure how to get the girls home.  

Stacy and I have been trying to contact every resource we know of.  Went to the local March of Dimes chapter to see if they could help since they are for preemies, but they did not know of a way to transport.  Got declined early on by the insurance which I think you already know (our insurance is great and this made sense at the time).  Also got declined by Angel flight (they couldn’t meet our oxygen needs).  Almost back to driving them home (not safe or good idea), but we had a breakthrough yesterday.  A friend of ours from Ascension that sells planes found someone who does his own version of an “angel flight” for people in these types of situations.  When he heard our story said “I want to do this”.  Our anonymous friend from Ascension has done this many times and is excited to do it for someone he knows.  His name will remain anonymous.  
When we told St. Marks they had several concerns.  Their biggest concern was for Elizabeth who is not ready to be released and still needs to be in a NICU.  They wanted someone who was trained to fly with us.  As “luck/coincidence” would have it, one of our friends who read the post called about the time we were having this discussion and offered to help.  This is an old friend from college who is a Dr. and Neonatol Advanced Certified.  He will be escorting the girls home.  Dr. Day will remain anonymous as well.  Dr. Heit put us in touch with one of the heads of Neonatalogy in KC and this Dr. talked to our Neonatologist here in Salt Lake and we now have been given the go ahead to transfer Elizabeth to Children’s Mercy in KC.  They also arranged for an ambulance to pick up Elizabeth and take her straight to the hospital once she gets off the plane. Looks like both girls will be flying home on Thursday morning in a private jet.  This is the safest way to get them both home and based on what the airlines are saying, the only way unless we drive.  I use the term “coincidence” loosely.  There are no coincidences when God is involved.
All our Love,
Bo and Stacy
The Mary’s make the front page of a local Salt Lake paper


  1. Stacy and Bo,
    I just wanted to leave you a quick note. I saw the article in the newspaper and found the link to your blog. I am so excited that the girls will both be going home on Thursday! I am sad however that I won’t be there at work to formally say goodbye. It has been an absolute pleasure to take care of both Elizabeth and Ellen. What beautiful babies they are. It has been a joy to watch them grow. I have loved getting to know you Stacy. You are such an amazing person. I have enjoyed talking and laughing with you when you would come to take care of your girls. I hope that everything goes smoothly on your trip home and wish you years of happiness with your whole family together again. Please keep in touch and know you have a lot of friends in Utah that care for the Govea family. Love, Julie Ellen

  2. Goveas- We saw you in the paper this morning, and were so excited…but were even more excited when we read the even better news on your blog. You are some of the most deserving people we know, and feel so blessed to have met you and the girls, Stacy. We’ve heard great things about you, Bo… we are so happy for your family to finally be closer to one another. Hopefully we’ll see you before you go…but if we don’t, best of luck and stay in touch.
    I wrote a quick blog entry before I had read your blog…just based on the newspaper article…but you can reach us through the blog at least.
    All our love,
    Ryan, Stephanie, and Avery 🙂

  3. Let those who favor my just cause shout for joy and be glad. May they ever say, “Exalted be the LORD who delights in the peace of his loyal servant.” Then my tongue shall recount your justice, declare your praise, all the day long. Psalm 35:27-28

    Tomorrow will be a day to shout for joy, be glad and to praise our Lord! Welcome home!

  4. You are so blessed..and Our God Is So Awesome.There are so many amazing people in thei world and this is all just so AWESOME. I f I amfeeling overwhelmingly emotional, I ca only imagine what is in your hearts.We will continue to be your prayer warriors till both your angels are HOME!!

  5. Thakns be to God for his indescribable gift!! Corinthians 9:15

    Once again not a dry eye reading the latest post!
    Oh how God never ceases to amaze us! He is a miracle worker, a friend, an angel, just an amazing GOD! I am so glad that he sent such wonderful people to care for your family through all of this. Both set of Grandparents have been great, so glad that you had them both near by. The wonderful nurses and doctors in Salt Lake, knowing that you all were constantly being taken care of. Now a doctor to escort your family home and a pilot to fly you there! The climax has arrived! I told you that this was sure to be a best seller book! I can’t stop reading and nor can anyone else! I would read your book over and over again. May God watch over his precious cargo as you embark for home! Home-never thoght that it could sound so good hu! We are going to miss the blog each week- maybe consider keeping it for those of us out of state. We would love to see them grow and send our love.
    We love you all and are thankful that God is finally bringing your family TOGETHER as one!

    Safe travels and much love,

    Lo, Joe, Shelby, Joey, Alan, Grant and Lillian

  6. I just cry to read how wonderful people GOD put in your way. I read you post almost from the beginning, and The Mary’s and your family is in my prayers.
    GOD showed us this miracle that now is almost in your hands forever.
    God bless you all.

    I am Jim Nixon’ assistant (friend of your Dad)

  7. Great news! We will pray for your safe return. So glad you will ALL be back in KC. Travel safe and let us know when all are settled.

    What a miracle.

    Megan, Travis and Canon

  8. Have a safe trip back to KC!
    Amanda and Kris

  9. We’ll be praying all goes well with the trip. The thought of you all together again is so exciting!

  10. Our prayers are with you as you make this trip to Kansas City. I know it will be so much easier for you and your family to be together again and little Ellen will be in good hands at Children’s Mercy. Bless you all.

    Bob and Bonnie Hines

  11. I have lost count of all the miracles! I know everything will go smoothly and we will be waiting anxiously for touchdown in KC. Keep us updated!
    All our love,
    The Banyas Family

  12. What wonderful news. We are very happy for your family. Our love and prayers are with you on your trip home. Love Kerry

  13. Anticipated arrival time today is 1:45 pm at Advanced Aviation 5 Aero Plaza New Century, KS 66031

  14. Hi Stacy and Bo –

    Neither one of you know me – however, I work at the IMA office in Kansas. I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how incredibly happy I am for you and your family. I have followed your progress and have prayed continually for all of you! For those of us who have lost babies in the past – your story is such a blessing! I have been pulling for your little angels from the start and, I can’t quite explain the feeling of joy that I have for you and your family. I know my little angels are in heaven – but, I am so grateful that yours are here with you!!! I wish your family the absolute very best and keep posting those pictures – the girls are absolutely beautiful and it is so comforting to see their progress!! I am so glad that you are able to be with all of your children now. God Bless!

  15. The plane is in the air and arrival time is now anticipated 2:30 – 2:45 pm. Praise the Lord!

  16. Read the newspaper article about your little girls. My beautiful grandaughter was born in March of 2007. Her birth weight was 1lb. 5oz. She is now a feisty, happy, healthy 16 month old. We know what a difficult situation having one preemie in the hospital, let alone two. We are always excited to hear happy success stories about other litttle babies and I wanted to share ours with you, especially when we saw that one of your girls was the exact same weight as ours. We will be thinking about you and your family…

  17. My mom was one of your nurses–Joyce Coy. She told me about your story and about your blog, so I hope you don’t mind that a stranger is posting. I am touched by your story and marvel at God’s work in your lives. Like you said, there are no coincidences. And it’s beautiful to see other people open their hearts and perform His work. God bless you all and have a wonderful homecoming!

  18. They are home! All the Govea family is in the same city! The babies traveled well and an ambulance took Mary Elizabeth and Stacy to Children’s Mercy to check in and get ME established in her new “temporary” hospital crib. A proud father Bo, with Mary Ellen at his side, moved to the hangar and answered questions from the press. Watch Fox 4 News tonight and check out the KC Star tomorrow for reports on the Miracle Marys. Then Megan, Michael and Nicky climbed into the car with Bo and Mary Ellen to start their new family life together. Praise the Lord for the blessings of this wonderful story. There is plenty more story to share, but we’ll leave that for Bo and Stacy.

    A rosary will be recited on Friday, Aug. 15, at Church of the Ascension at 11:30 am to give thanks to our Lord for his blessings and grace and to our Mother Mary for her intercessions for her namesakes. We will also pray for continued grace and blessings for Andrea, Mary Kate Connor and the others of our parish who are ill. If not able to attend, please offer a special prayer and/or a rosary of thanksgivng. Thank you Lord for the gift of faith and the Miracle Marys who have helped build the faith of so many!

  19. Hooray!

  20. Yeah, you made it! We were sad we weren’t able to get back into town before you left to see your family off. I’ll look for the KC news articles/newscast. Keep in touch.
    God Bless
    The Gonzales’


    The Miracle Marys and their story hit Fox 4 News tonight. A longer story will be broadcast on the Friday morning news. Of course, they edited out the God references, but the miracles came through and we all know only God can make those miracles happen!

  22. GOD continues to be soooo AMAZING! My tears of joy on this vigil of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary fill me with the same awesome feelings of thanksgiving to our Blessed Mother for taking our prayers to Jesus. The power of prayer and the unending goodness of our Almighty Father is so precious…as are you Govea Family, an incredible witness to your faith and perserverance.
    Isaiah 26:4
    ” Trust in the LORD forever, For in GOD the LORD, we have an everlasting Rock.”

    Luke 1:37
    “For nothing will be impossible with God.”

    Be assured my family and circle of friends’ prayers will continue for all of you!

    Miracle Giver, to you be the Glory!
    Blessed Mother, your loving intercession is awesome indeed!

    Hugs, love, & blessings,
    Anette Growney

  23. More breaking news: Fox 4 just called Grandpa Mark and were so excited to tell him that the Miracle Twins story is the #1 hit on their website today! While it was more difficult to find earlier, it’s been moved up to the front of the newspage now. The link follows.

    The Wonders of Our Lord are being witnessed by many. Praise God and thanks to Our Mother for her prayers on behalf of Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen.

  24. Thank you Pat and Fox 4 News for posting the link to this blog. Updated Fox 4 link

  25. Thank you Steve Penn for your second column that appears in today’s Kansas City Star on the Twin Marys.

  26. Stacy, our niece, Hannah Ford is nurse at Children’s Mercy nicu unit, but off a few more days as she just delivered as well, hope you see her….peace be with you…GREAT to see you at noon mass yesterday.
    Steve & Patti

  27. I don’t know if you remember us Bo, but we met you on a flight to Salt Lake in April. Andy’s brother had just passed away and it was so nice to speak with you and to be reminded that we are not the only ones who struggle and that we are not the only ones who are blessed. It is a pleasure to read your blog and pray with you and your loved ones. We are thrilled that you are able to all be together in Kansas City again. What wonderful miracles from God! We will continue to pray for your family and look forward to keeping updated through this website.

  28. So glad to hear that you are all together at home.
    We continue to pray for all of you. God is good!

    Love, Don and Dorothy

  29. Hey Govea Family
    First day of school for the middle ones and high school for Megan….busy days. We are just 2 blocks away on melrose in Brookhollow…we can walk to your house in 5 minutes and your fishing pond in 10!!!
    My point being…we have no one to carpool with and hate to travel alone…are you set with carpool , and if so, we are available for backup.
    Stacy and Bo , I am so greatful your girls are home .God has been so good to us all.

  30. We miss you guys in the NICU! But we are so glad that you are home and that your family is back together. Hope all is going well in the past few days that you have been gone. Keep us updated on your progress! We love you!
    Allie, Jared, and Zack

  31. WELCOME HOME GOVEAS!!!!! Watched your homecoming on the news. We couldn’t be more excited for all of you. May God continue to bless and keep you surrounded by his love.
    The Banyas Family

  32. God bless you all – remember that Jesus
    and His Mother are always right there with
    you. My 4th grade class at St. Thomas in
    Wichita will continue praying for all of you.

    You are our heroes.

    Love, Anne Krsnich and Family

  33. Welcome home! We have a new kindergartener at Ascension and look forward to meeting you and the girls.

  34. Hi Govea Family.,.all home in KC!!
    Hope the girls are doing great through all the transition…I know the initial move was amazing …settling in to a new routine can be another story!
    We are praying for continued health and serenity…that everyone is home and the wails of a hungry baby at 2 am brings joy to your heart.
    Grace and I are available to stroll the girls around the cul de sac…

  35. Happy 4 month Birthday Ellen and Elizabeth!!!

    How does it feel all being together at last?? It is a lot of family isn’t it! We wouldn’t give it up for the world. Hope that your new routine is working out for you. I am sure that it is one that will take some fine tuning along the way. Take care of that wonderful family of yours! Just got your message as writing! We will pray for Elizabeths eyes. That sweet baby just can’t seem to get a break. We are going to have to watch out for her in life-she is so strong! Exra prayers with xoxox’s being sent your way.

    Love u!!

    The Brady,s

  36. WOW! Four months, I can’t even believe it. It has been a long time coming but still seems like yesterday with all the miracels we have witnessed on your journey. Lots of prayers went out last night and today for Elizabeth. Take care!


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