Posted by: Bo | November 10, 2008

A Prayer for Mary Elizabeth

Dear friends and family:

Sorry it has been so long.  You know how it goes with kids busy schedules and new borns.  And on top of that starting a new business…. We have fallen way behind and we are sorry.  

The girls are doing really good.  They both could stand to gain a few pounds, but all things considered, we are happy with their progress.  

Please be thinking of Elizabeth this Thursday as she will have the surgery to repair her left nare.  Elizabeth was born with Choanal Atresia which is a defect where the back of the nasal passage is blocked by tissue.  It is something that developed very early and was diagnosed once we got back to KC.  They usually wait until the child is older to perform this surgery.  Since Elizabeth already has breathing issues which impact her ability to eat and grow, they think it is necessary to do it now.  We are hoping this will help get her off oxygen and on to regular feedings.  We are quite sure the surgery will be a success.  There is always anxiety involved when you put an infant under.  She will also need to go back on the breathing machine and stay overnight.

We continue to be blessed by you all.  We really appreciate EVERYTHING!  Meals, time holding babies, car pool rides, etc.  Most of all your prayers.

God Bless!

The Goveas



  1. Yeah a new post! We know that you busy, but we love to hear from you-Thanks! Our prayers will go out to sweet Elizabeth. We hope that the operation is a success and that she will be able to get off the oxygen like her sister. We will also pray for you and Bo. It breaks your heart watching your sweet angel being put under. May God watch over you all on Thursday!
    Hope that the new business is going well. We will try and call sometime next week and check in. We sure love you all!


    The Brady’s

  2. What lovely little angels. We’ll definitely being thinking of and praying for all of you on Thursday.

    the Matsoff family

  3. Let the strength of God get you through Thursday like it has through all the difficult moments in the past. Keep faith for you have seen God’s great power and miracles. I will be praying for Elizabeth this Thursday and for you and Bo. God has been there for these little ones and he has some great plans for them. It will be fine – “Let Go and Let God”. God bless. Terri

  4. Stacy and family,

    This is Christy from OHS and drill team. I came across your website via Facebook of all places! We live in south OP. Maybe our paths will cross someday. I was and continue to be amazed at your story. I had to read it from start to finish when I found it. What an ordeal you have all been through. Your family is gorgeous and your faith is amazing. I will be praying on Thursday.


  5. So glad to see those sweet babies. The one with Michael is so cute.We will be praying for Elizabeth on Thursday and thinking of you all. Love Kerry

  6. You are in our prayers today. Please post an update soon to let us all know how the surgery went. God bless you both, as it is hard watching a child go under, then again this is just another part of the journey and you have already come so far!

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