Posted by: Bo | November 13, 2008

Safe in Mom’s Arms

Elizabeth did great today! 

We did have a surprise half way through the surgery.  The doctor called down to the waiting room to tell us that Elizabeth had choanal atresia in both sides.  Total surprise to us and the doctors.  We all assumed that since her feeding tube slipped through, the nasal passage must be opened on that side.  The doctor told us that the feeding tube must have pushed through the floor of her nasal passage through the soft membrane.  The good news is that this answers a lot of questions about her need for oxygen.  We are very optimistic that she will no longer need oxygen after this.  This will also lead to better feedings.  Imagine trying to breathe with both nasal passages closed and a bottle in your mouth.  She is a fighter!

We continue to be amazed by all of the love, prayers and support from all of you!!!  Don’t know what else to say, your prayers keep getting answered.  Thank you and praise God!

We posted some pictures of the before and after so you could see how blocked it was before and how good things are looking now.  


Gallery: Elizabeth getting ready for surgery, Stacy holding Elizabeth after surgery, Elizabeth sleeping after surgery, Ellen waving goodbye to sister before surgery, left nasal passage before (top) and after (bottom), right nasal passage before (top) and after (bottom)



  1. Praise God for her doing well with the surgery today. She is beautiful, as are all her siblings!!!

    (Erik’s sister in law)

  2. What a great day! Those beautiful girls just continue to amaze!! We love you guys!

    The Days

  3. “The coming of the Kingdom of God cannot be observed, and no one will announce, ‘Look, here it is,’ or, ‘There it is.’ For behold, the Kingdom of God is among you.” Luke 17:20-21

    From today’s gospel reading, we are told – all we have to do to see our Lord’s presence in our lives is to be aware. His work here on earth and continued blessings for Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen have been so apparent and abundant.

    We must lift them up to our Lord in praise and thanksgiving for allowing His love for all of us to be demonstrated over and over again through these two wonderful little messengers He has blessed us with.

    Can’t wait to continue to see how He continues to unfold this beautiful story. Jerry

  4. Stacie and Bo
    What a blessing ….that both were blocked…that it wasnt something even more serious….prayers for your sweet girl to be off the H2O.
    Your faith amazes me…inspires me….you are hope for many ..
    Our prayers are for the “big” kids this month…that they recognize the prescence of our Lord in your Lives


  5. Glad to hear everything went well. They are just adorable. Love and prayers. Kerry

  6. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear she did great thru surgery. I’ll let the NICU know you posted so they can see these pictures.
    Blessings to you all

  7. Your girls are miracles on top of miracles. 🙂

  8. The girls are getting so big!!!! I’m so thankful Elizabeth came through her surgery and I’m so excited to get to see pics of her w/o any O2 tubing or NG tubing! Praise the Lord for another miracle!

  9. God is good! So glad everything went well

  10. Wonderful news! We’re so happy to hear it!

  11. Bo and Stacy-

    I was too busy e-mailing with your dad Bo that I didn’t even check the website! It was great news and we thank God once again for giving Elizabeth strength and answering our prayers! Sounds like she is going to be just a normal 6 month old now (soon at least). Hopefully this will make everyday life a little bit easier. Not less chaotic just a little less stress. Your dad sent me a picture of you Bo when you were only 3 months- I see the girls in you! Stacy it looks like the guys genes in our families are beating out ours. They are beautiful and healthy-we love that! Give everyone kisses!

    Love-Lo,Joe, Shelby,Joey, Alan, Grant and Lillian

  12. What great news! I’m sure Mary Elizabeth will make up for lost time (and oxygen) now. God must have great things in store for those two.

    The Malnars

  13. Wow! You and Bo have been through so much and it just amazes me how well you both have stayed strong through every new challenge. You are both such a testimony of faith and trust in God and I just know all this will be used to further the Kingdom of God. These precious girls will be a light to all those who have struggles and crosses to bear. By your example – it will give hope to many who feel that their situations are hopeless. Praise God for the successful surgery and all that he has done for you and for all of us that have been watching and waiting all these months. May God continue to bless you! Terri

    PS I love the pink blanket that Elizabeth has with her in her carseat. It looked familiar!

  14. Hey little ladies Happy 7 months! We hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving together!! So much to be Thankful for this year. You are such blessings-we are thankful for your health and that you are all home as a family. Enjoy tomorrow and we will be thinking of you on Friday. Sure wish we could be there with you-should be a wonderful evening!! Please if you have time share pictures of your weekend when you get time.
    Love you all,
    Joe, Lauren, Shelby, Joey, Alan, Grant & Lillian

  15. Bo and family — hope the surgeries went well and Please remember, you are in our continuous prayers! God bless you all!
    Terry & Lisanne Milford & family

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