Posted by: Bo | December 24, 2008

Mary Christmas!


This is an extra special Christmas and we are so thankful that the Marys are here to celebrate with us!

It has been a very long year, but we feel so blessed to have all of you supporting us. We can’t thank you enough for all of the love.
Just to give you a quick update….Elizabeth has been off oxygen and the nose feeding tube since the surgery. It is nice to be able to breath through your nose ­čÖé
She does need to put on some weight. She has only gained 3.5 lbs since she left the hospital in August and that is not enough weight. She is also having trouble keeping down her food when she does eat. Both of the girls have reflux pretty bad but at least Ellen is able to keep her food down most of the time. We are going to meet with a ped GI doctor next week to discuss what we should be doing with Elizabeth. They might need to put in a G-tube (feeding tube that goes in her belly). This sounds scary, but apparently it is not that bad and it would be a good way to put some weight on little Elizabeth.
All things considered, the girls are doing great! They get so much attention from their brothers and sister. It is really great watching the older kids love on their little sisters.
Megan, Michael and Nicky have been such great helpers and very patient with holding, feeding and changing.

A special thanks to everyone that attended and helped with the event over Thanksgiving. ┬áIt was a huge success and a night we will never forget. ┬áSo much love and support in the room. ┬áThank you Peter Clune for putting this together. ┬áThank you Vicki Staples! ┬áThank you Licks! ┬áThank you John O’Leary! ┬áThank you to everyone that was on the committee!

We will do a review of 08 and post pictures of the girls with Santa and pictures from the event.

Please say a prayer for Andrea Husong and her family right now!!!  Thank you

We hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and experience the real joy of the season!

The Goveas

PS-We are expecting number 6 in June.  More exciting news!



  1. Merry Christmas Govea Family!!

    I think you are crazy going and picking out a tree! You guys have the Christmas spirit! We enjoy the box with no needle tree-it is missing the sweet scent of pine though! You guys are going to have a wonderful Christmas ALL together! The girls are growing, but where is the hair? You guys have a lot to be Thankful for this year! May God Bless you in the year to come. We are anxiously awaiting your new blessing on the way! We love you! Talk to you soon!

    Love you-
    Joe, Lo, Shelby, Joey, Alan,Grant and Lillian

  2. #6!!?? Congratulations. ­čÖé I’m happy the girls are doing well and hope Elizabeth will be able to gain easily w/ a possible tube.

  3. YAY!!!! I always LOVE seeing pictures of the girls and of course, your beautiful family! We miss ya’ll so much! Lots going on in the Simmons household, but more on that later! ­čÖé I’m thinking if you have another girl, you should go with Ashley. Definately.
    Miss ya’ll SO much. Love ya’ll!

    Ashley and Miles

  4. Merry Christmas!!! And Congratulations!!! We wish you all the best for 2009!

  5. Happy 8 months already! Time flies doesn’t it! We hope that you had a very Merry Christmas! Love you-The Brady’s

  6. Ashley?? I don’t think so. I vote for Carrie :). Glad to see you all doing well. Hope you are starting to feel better. Love from all of the Gonzales’
    Gib,Carrie, Austin and Shelby

  7. Seeing those two dolls smile was a great Chrismtas gift to share with my family who was praying along with us for good news! Thank you for sharing. God bless all of you in the new year.

  8. Hurray for E+E and congratulations on #6. I saw John O’Leary at a party and he told me about the great turn out for the event and how moving your story was. Let Team Dames know if you ever need anything in St. Louis.

  9. I am so glad I decided to check the site just in case you had posted new pictures! The girls look wonderful and adorable! I am so glad that the surgery went well and hope she will be able to gain weight now. Congrats on number six, what great news! May 2009 hold many blessings for your family!
    The Banyas Family

  10. Congrats on #6, WOW! Glad to hear the girls are doing good. So is #6 a boy or girl? Do you know yet?Always thinking of you guys. Love Kerry

  11. This is for you Stacy seeing as I talk to Bo via Facebook! Happy 9 months to the girls! I can’t wait to hear what you are having! Talk to you in the next couple days!

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