Posted by: Bo | February 6, 2009

Worry about nothing and pray about everything

Mary Elizabeth has been labeled as “failure to thrive” this week.  Basically means she needs to gain weight.  The girls will have tests all day today to see how they should proceed.  We will be meeting with a surgeon in the weeks to come and find out if they are going to do a G-tube or some other type of surgery on Elizabeth’s stomach.  Pray for weight gain!

All of us piled into the ultrasound room to find out what the new Govea was going to be…..Its’s a Boy!  Balance is restored in the home.

A couple weeks ago we had to take the girls in for upper GI exams.  Elizabeth who is used to be being poked and prodded, handled it like a champ.  Her princess sister Ellen not so much.  The pictures tell the story.

We pray for many blessing for all of you every day!

Love the Goveas



  1. Yeah for a boy!!!! I am sure the other two boys are so excited! I still pray for you always…let’s get together soon!!!

  2. Can’t wait for your new prince to arrive! I am sure that it is hard to focus on him when you are still dealing with the sweet girls health! We are praying that they gain weight soon. Can’t blame Ellen for not being so happy-it doesn’t look all that wonderful. Happy for all of you and hope that everything continues to go well with the new business and the pregnancy! We love you and will continue to keep you close to our hearts!

    The Brady’s

  3. Congrats on the news of another baby boy! We’re keeping all of you, especially Elizabeth in out thoughts and prayers!

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