Posted by: Bo | March 4, 2009

Let’s Eat

Sorry it has been so long since we last posted.  We keep waiting to get more news on what to do with Elizabeth.   They have run the upper GI test and it was ok, they ran the PH test and it was ok, now we are waiting for them to run the gastric emptying test on March 20th.  Finally ,the last test and then we will meet with the surgeon to decide what is the next step.  Just trying to remain patient in the meantime.  Yesterday we were at Children’s Mercy from 8:30-1:30 running additional tests on the girls.  The doctor from the special care clinic wants us to put the NG feeding tube back in Elizabeth’s nose and she is also thinking we need to do the same thing with Ellen.  Ellen did not gain weight since the last visit.  We met with the psychologist and she agreed the girls need to put on weight.  Especially Elizabeth.  She is really impressed that the girls are so happy and social.  Overall pleased with most of their development and thinks a lot of their problems are nutrition related. Ellen is much further along than Elizabeth because of her weight.  They both smile a LOT!




  1. They are so adorable!!!

    Still we certainly understand how hard it is when the way is not clear! And dealing with all those tests to try to figure things out! Keep believing…we’ll keep praying…

    Love, the Matsoffs

  2. The girls sure seem to look like they don’t have a problem in the world. Maybe that has to do with the wonderful family and all the attention that they get! Their smiles look contagious and they are beautiful. We pray that they get this feeding thing all figured out soon. If the girls don’t watch it their brother will end up weighing more than them at his 2 week visit! We believe that God will continue to give you the answers you need as he has all along. Hope that you are all well and we will continue with our daily prayers for all of you!

    Love you guys! The Bradys

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