Posted by: Bo | March 10, 2009

NG Tubes are not fun to put in, but they get the job done!

We get the final test done for Elizabeth tomorrow….the gastric emptying test.  After this test the surgeons will be able to tell us what direction we will go with Elizabeth.  

It has been almost a week that the girls have both had the NG feeding tube in.  They are pretty upset when Stacy puts them back in as you can imagine, but once they are in feeding is fairly easy.  You just hook them up and turn on the machine.  

Ellen was taking hers out a couple times a day until our neighbor (who is a nurse) told us to safety pin the end of the feeding tube to the back of her shirt so she can’t reach it.  Works good, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do if the girls throw up and the tube come out their mouth.

We will meet with the surgeon in a couple weeks and let you know what they decide to do.

Thank you for your continued support!


Stacy holding Elizabeth down


  1. Can you put ice cream down those tubes?…I bet that would help them gain weight!!!!! Love you guys!!

  2. Their smiles could make anyone’s day! I love looking at their pictures, just reminds us to continue to have faith! Love those little Miracles!

  3. Your girls are beautiful and they just beem!!!!Joy is all i see in their sweet smiles…which they seem to do a lot!!They are so happy…do they giggle at each other??? So the feeding tube will get them up to speed..then they are off…we will continue to pray…and Stacy just look so cute with that little “boy” belly
    Prayers for you and peace to you
    Susanne Miller

  4. Glad to see the girls look so happy with the exception of the tubes!!! They are always smiling! Stacy, how are you feeling with this pregnancy? What is the due date? Our prayers continue for your family. Love Kerry

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