Posted by: Bo | March 25, 2009


We met with the surgeon yesterday and he recommends the Mic-key G tube for both girls.  And, he is going to get both of them in for the surgery soon.  Monday March 30th.  Yeah!!! We were very pleased with Dr. St.Peter for getting them in so quickly.  The girls will be under and will have to stay the night in the hospital for monitoring, but it sounds like the procedure is fairly simple and they will have a quick recovery.  

I have attached a picture of what the tube will look like.  The tube goes in and then they blow up the bottom of the tube so that it stays in the stomach.  Then after a few days the stomach heals around it and hopefully there are no infections.  We will hook up the feeding machine directly to the tube and voila.  The tube has a button on the top kind of like a blow up ball.  We will send pictures of the girls with their tubes next week.

We are really hopeful that this will be exactly what the girls need to gain weight.  

We appreciate your continued prayers and support!  The girls are doing great! 

Love , the Goveas


Mic-key Gastrostomy Tube

Mic-key Gastrostomy Tube



  1. Sounds like you have some savvy surgeons on your side! I have never heard of anything like that! It’s so great to see the girls getting bigger. I keep this site on my favorites. Best wishes from your old neighbors on Tyne Lane — now living across the river in Cottage Grove! 🙂

  2. Bo and Stacy,

    I have continued to follow the progress of Ellen and Elizabeth. They are so beautiful! I love to see those big smiles. I think of you often. You all are in my prayers.
    Love, Anne

  3. Dr St Peter is an awesome surgeon. He just did Quintans, (our 3 yr olds) surgery Dec 1st. He’s one of the best in the country. We will continue to pray for the girls and your family. You are in good hands. The girls are adorable. We enjoy looking at updated pics and seeing them at mass in person is even better.

    The Smiths

  4. We’ll be thinking of you on Monday.

  5. We are all praying for a quick and successful surgery for the girls tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us updated, we especailly love the pictures. Hope all is well with the rest of the Goveas. We will be waiting for good new in the next few days.
    The Banyas Family

  6. Praying for you girls tomorrow! We hope that all goes well! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces again! May God watch over all of you! We love you!

    Love-The Brady Bunch

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