Posted by: Bo | March 30, 2009


Ellen and Elizabeth are done with surgery and  they have their mic-key gastrostomy tubes in!  We are pleased that surgery went well and at the same time our hearts ache for their pain and discomfort.  But as the saying goes “no pain, no gain”.  So now we look forward to the gain!

The girls will be watched at the hospital to make sure the feedings go as planned and that there is no infection.  We are expecting to go home tomorrow.

We can’t thank you all enough for the prayers and encouraging words!  REALLY!!! it means the world to us.



  1. Stacy and Bo,

    You both are the pillars of strength and faith and I am so glad to hear that the girls surgery went good! I wasn’t aware until today that they had surgery. I know you will be more at peace when they are both home again. God bless your beautiful family.


  2. Bo and Stacy,
    So glad the surgery went well! It is always hard to watch your kids suffer no matter if it’s great or small. I’m sure in a few days this too will be forgotten, they will have already adapted to the feeding tubes and moved on to more interesting things! Just think, one day they will be teenage girls worried about whether or not they are too fat! You can remind them then what they went through as babies. Keep us posted with the weight gain, hopefully soon we will be seeing pictures of two little butterballs!!!

  3. Hi Guys! The girls look great and Brandon says this should do the trick…for whatever he knows! 🙂 We will keep praying that all continues to go well!

  4. We’re very happy all went well today, and we will pray that the tubes do what they are supposed to! Know that our thoughts are with you.

  5. So glad things went well! We will pray that they continue that way. This is so minor when you think of everything else these two have overcome!

  6. Can you believe one week form today was the day this all started? WOW, what a difference a year can make. When times are tough remember all the people who have left messages and sent love your way. over 161,000 posts! Is that a record?

  7. The girls seem like they are always happy what cute girls they have grown into! We keep you and your family in our prayers and I am glad that the surgery went well. I hope they continue to gain weight so they can get the tube out soon. I cant believe its already almost been a year since the girls were born!
    The Fisher Family
    (the boy/boy twin’s from the NICU in St Marks)

  8. Beautiful Mary Ellen and Mary Elizabeth
    God has blessed you, your family and your community. Happy Birthday girls !!!!
    The Millers
    Susanne, Kent, Grace and Kent

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