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This is a page to update everyone on the Govea’s and what is happening with them during this time.



  1. Bo and Stacy,
    Please know that the Banyas family has always had you in our thoughts and prayers especailly now. Even though we are far away, we love you and your babies and we are sending all our love and positive thoughts your way. God bless you all.
    Brad, Brandy, Connor, Madeline, Cason and Michael Banyas

  2. The twin peaks are quite a sight!….very beautiful….even when you aren’t able to see them due to the clouds, they will be there…solid like your faith…waiting to reveal themselves to you in the future, just like Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen.

    Keep on practicing Bo…that is another beautiful part of the story. Stacy, I know I can’t relate to what you’re going through as I’ve never been pregnant and never laid in bed much. I suggest you just ask Bo-poo to give you a nice back massage every couple of hours…you’ll not get this much attention from him until you’re both old and gray, so take advantage of this time now!

    Don’t let Michael and Nicky join that choir out there! And keep Megan away from the choirboys too!

  3. Stacy and Bo, I have not stopped thinking about you and your babies since I talk to Bo last week. I am praying for all of you. I know your visit with the kids was very uplifting for you. I wish there was something I could do for you and if you think of anything, you know who to call. I love you guys. If you need some girl time, call me and I will be on the first plane out there!.Love Kerry, Mike, Jarred And Zack

  4. Bo & Stacy and the entire Govea family,

    You are in CHRP Team 8’s prayers continually. Your Mizzou friends and Ascension dads are with you!

    I lit a candle for your family in Iglesias de San Lucas yesterday before Mass. I know that your family holds a special place in our Lord’s heart.


    John Solomon

  5. Bo and Stacy,

    Your sweet family is in our prayers during this time. God is in control and it is my prayer that you feel His loving arms wrapped around you right now.

    Praying for these precious babies.


    Denver & Tracy Stonecheck and kids!

  6. You need to hear the words that are to come…..
    My child I have heard your cry,so hear,satan,I bind every lie, and deception that you have created,and, I speak life to these two childern of GOD an I cast you into the DRY places for you to walk in JESUS NAME. NOW I speak to the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, that goes forth from the top of there Heads to the bottems of there feet that they be Healed by the power of the Holy Spirit right now in JESUS NAME…..an may the doctors give wittness to GOD’S GLORY forever and ever… AMEN

  7. Bo and Stacy,

    Our hearts go out to you during this difficult time. Please know that our family has been praying for you daily. Our women’s CRHP team 5 met tonight and we all prayed for you. At our meeting, each of us brought a favorite bible verse to share. The one I shared was Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Please take comfort in the fact that all of this is working for your good, even though I know it must be sooo difficult to go through, and I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it at all.

    Sharing your journey and your faith through all of this is such a beautiful inspiration to us all. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Love and Prayers,
    Neil, Carol Lynn, Ali, Matt and Zac

  8. HI, to all of you. I am the mother in law from hell, Bonnie Zicheck. Kerry called me this a.m. and told me about your beautiful twins. I feel so sorry for this difficult time.. TRUST in the LORD HE has it ALL under control. We must have FAITH also that HIS will be done. Please know that you are all in my prayers and I have added you on to several of my prayers lists. God Bless all of you.

    Bonnie Zicheck

  9. Bo and Stacy:

    I was just informed about the challenge you have been faced with by a good friend of mine from your parish. I just want you to know that I, along with a group of Christian brothers and sisters will be praying for you and your little girls. God Bless you!

    Bob Ingram
    Prince of Peace Catholic Community
    Plano, TX
    CRHP Team #3

  10. BO and Stacy,

    I know I have not seen or talked to you in a very long time, but Peggy has been keeping me informed. I want you to know that you are in our prayers. Stacy you are one of the strongest women I have ever known, Trust in God and in your self.
    Love ya lots Leen

  11. YAHOO, AMEN and ALLELUIA! That is just wonderful news. You and the babies continue to be in our hearts and prayers. May God continue to bless you abundantly! The Kane’s

  12. Bo and Stacy,
    We just read your update for today and we are so happy that the Mary’s are growing and getting stronger. Our family continues to pray daily (many times a day) for the health of your family.

    God Bless You!
    The Dubberts

  13. Bo and Stacy,
    Just learning about your babies. I am so sorry I didn’t know and Wow, now there are two new beautiful Govea girls in the world. God bless you and your family and you are in our prayers…. God bless your little miracle babies.
    The Oakes Team

  14. Bo and Stacy,
    I was just shared your story… I just wanted you to know I will be at church on Thursday night to pray the rosary for the sick again. I will pray for your sweet baby girls.

    Karen and Tim Elliott

  15. Our prayers are with you. I can’t help believe they will make it. They have come so far that I am sure they will go the rest of the way. Praying for you in Parkville. Dennis

  16. Bo, Stacy, Megan, Michael, Nicky, and the little Marys,
    God is in control. He knows our needs and hears our pleas. We will pray for all of you and His will to hold and support you through this time. We will pray for Ellen and Elizabeth to continue to develop and be held in God’s hands. God Bless,
    Kern and Debbie Wessman

  17. Bo, Stacy & Family:

    Congratulations on the birth of your little girls; they are precious angels!

    We pray that God will continue to give you strength to endure all that lies ahead of you.

    Pax te cum
    The Wilkinsons

  18. Congratulations to you and the girls, you have made it one more step forward. We prayer that everyday will bring miracles to your lives. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  19. Dear Bo and Stacy,
    You are on our hearts so many times throughout the day. We are sending up prayers for you and the girls.

  20. We are praying for you and your precious Mary’s. We are praying for healing for your girls, strength for each day’s trials and peace knowing all of you are safely in God’s hands. Love and prayers. Wayne and Gretchen Swenson

  21. rimmer and bo-
    we’re thinking of you out here in arizona, hoping that our thoughts can join with all of the love, prayers and grace coming your way to help bearhug you and carry you both when you need it most.
    erin, john, maggie, catie, jim and fitz guinan

  22. The Govea Family – Please know you are in our prayers here in Lee’s Summit, MO and I forwarded this info. to the church family so lots of prayers are happening for your family. Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen – what beautiful names and creatures of God. WE do know that God is taking care of them and all we can do is pray and give it to Him and the doctors to help them get through this.
    Our heart goes out to you and more importantly, God will be hearing our prayers!

  23. Bo, Stacy, and Family,
    We have been prayerfully watching from a distance. We are the family that Megan traveled with to Florida with Andrea. What a miracle…. my entire career has been spent in NICU, I have witnessed the power of prayer for these babies many times. What a testament to the sanctity of life and how their little spirits are truly made by God. You have all been so inspirational, we wish many more miracles along this journey. Please know you will continue in our prayers……..

    Liz and Tom McKay and children

  24. Goveas-thanks for your witness about this and for sharing your immense faith with all of us-truly an inspirational. Please know that the Connors are praying and lighting candles like crazy for you guys. MUCH love, Mike and Lisa, Andrew, Ryan, Ben, Elizabeth

  25. Bo, Stacy and Family,

    My name is Linda White and my husband Pat was on CHRP 4. I just recently experienced CHRP in March and am now on the CHRP 9 team. We have both been praying for your Marys. When I heard about Mary Elizabeth the morning of April 29th I started also praying to my mother in heaven whose name is Mary Elizabeth. I figured she had the inside scoop where she could go directly to our Lord. I was so gratified when I got the news yesterday about the turn of events for Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen and I know along with all the other prayers from everyone, as well as my mother, that a true miracle occurred. Praise God! Much love from Pat & Linda White

  26. WOW! The class has been praying and watching for an update and we share in your glory at the miracles happening daily. We missed Megan for confirmation but know that she and your familiy is being guided and hugged by the Holy Spirit. Be safe, be strong, and continue to feel the power of our prayers.

  27. We have heard through friends about all you are going through and just wanted to let you know that there are more people thinking of you and praying for you and the twins than you could possibly imagine!!

  28. Well hello there? Remember us…Aron & Patty?! We just wanted to let you guys know we’ve been thinking and praying a lot for you guys. I know this has got to be so tuff for you guys, but very encouraging to see everybody pulling together for you as well. Your family is an inspiration for us all. Please tell the whole family hi for me, it’s been way to long! (how’s it Drew)?! Anyhow, much Love and Aloha from the other side of the world!
    Aloha-Aron and Patty Hoffman

  29. Hey, happy May! So glad to see your beautiful family! Prayers for your 7…wow, cool number!
    Love you, the Oakes crew

  30. Govea Family,

    We have been keeping up with what is happening and we just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are so excited to meet these two little miracles when you bring them back to KC. Just know we are praying for you.
    –Ryan, Kiran and Henry Ross

  31. You don’t know me, but through a mutual friend, Judy T., we were able to put your little miracles on our church prayer list before they were born! We will continue to pray for all of you. Praise God!!!!!

  32. Bo and Stacy, You are in our prayers at night and during the day. I can’t wait to see the Marys. Pat and I are leaving for Europe in 10 days and are taking a video phone. We would like to call you from Europe to check up on them. Let me know if your video phone is hooked up and when would be a good time to call. We will be in London May 17 Saturday – May 19th then on to Paris and Rome. Love you.

  33. The babies are looking GREAT!!! They are real living miricales. I am keeping the “Maries” and your family in my prayers, and I hope God and everyone else is doin g the same!!

    Morgan McEnroe

  34. Bo, Stacy and family, Greetings from Paris. We check the website daily to check on the Marys. Off to Rome Sunday where we will light a candle for your girls at the Vatican. You are in our prayers. Love and miss you. Pat and Dennis

  35. Hi Stacy & Bo,
    I’m Andrea Husong’s Aunt Sally, she sent your blog to me. I can’t even imagine what a difficult time this is for all of your family, we’ll add you to our many, many prayers that we’re saying everyday for Andrea, that would be a lot!!
    Hopefully you’ll be able to bring home your girls soon, well & happy.
    Sally Krizman

  36. Hey Bo,
    The girls are beatuiful!
    I remember our discussions at TMIY and know that God chose the right man and family to bring Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen to our world.
    I have asked St. Michael the Archangel to watch over you. Every Monday at 5:00 am I will be in the adoration chapel and I will have you and your family with me before the Blessed Sacrament.
    When you get back in town I hope to see you at All Pro Dads, because you are just that.

  37. Dear Govea Family,
    I just read the amazing article in the KC Star and learned about your journey. Tracy Kerth and I were former teachers of Megan… I just want you to know how fondly I remember your precious family and that you are in my daily prayers for strength. Your baby girls are absolutely beautiful and such an inspiration to everyone. May God continue to richly bless Mary Elizabeth and Mary Ellen with health and strength. Hugs to you all!
    Betsy Hendrix

  38. Just checked in the web site again to see how you all are doing. Want you to know we continue to pray for you. I’ll light a candle and say another Hail Mary for the two little ones and another prayer for the rest of the Govea’s.


  39. Hi,
    I enjoy so much reading your updates on the girls and also about your whole family. I am glad all is going well (yes, the eyes are a concern, I know). We continue to pray for the little sugars and you every night.
    Ron and Joanie

  40. Bo and Stacy,

    I just found out from Janice Dellasega about the girls. It sounds like you and the family are handling it like champs. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and the entire family. I will let some other old friends know what is going on so they have the opportunity to reach out to you and the family.

    An Old Friend,
    George, Dana, and the Yaghmour girls.

  41. Bo & Stacy,

    I just heard about the girls and I want you guys to know that we’ve said many prayers and will continue to pray for you guys. My heart goes out to all of your family. I wish you the best and will keep myself familiar with the updates. God bless and take care.

    Paul, Kathi, Sophia, Gianni & Isabella Piccini

  42. Stacy,
    I haven’t seen or talked to you in so long. Shelley and I keep in touch and she led me to your web site. I am so amazed at the miracles that God can bring about everyday. It is amazing how far your little angels have come. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact me. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  43. Bo & Stacy,
    Pat, Ryan’s mom called me this evening to share your happy news! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and those sweet baby girls. Please take care of yourselves.

    Bruce & Sherry Bunn

  44. Bo & Stacy.
    A friend forwarded me your website as encouragment and I just wanted to praise God with you for your miracle babies!

    This week marks 19 weeks pregnant for us with identical girls. We’ve had a slowly progressing growth discrepancy right from the start. At this point no signs of TTTS but one is in the 3% for growth and the other is in the 90% (35% discrepancy). I am on partial bedrest at home trying to manage and care for our 3 children (ages 10,8,3). We live in Gainesville, FL and have travelled to Tampa to consider the laser surgery research study for SIUGR but have elected against it.

    I feel so deeply for you and your twins. Our community of believers has surrounded us as well and we firmly believe it is His hand that is keeping our littlest’s heart beating. Our doctor has given us the goal of a 27/28 week delivery with a 1 lb. baby.

    Not sure there is anything we can offer you but our sincerest thanks for sharing your story publicly so we could be blessed and encouraged in our own journey. We have added your Mary’s and your entire family to our prayers as this is how we spend a great deal of our days.

    Thanks again for the blessing of sharing your story,
    Joshua & Michelle

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